A Few Tips to Make Sweeping the Persian Carpet Easier

- Oct 13, 2018-

A Few Tips to Make Sweeping the Persian Carpet Easier

A Few Tips to Make Sweeping the Persian Carpet Easier

Add 4 cups vinegar to 4 heated water, soak and wring dry with a towel, then wipe.Vinegar will not only prevent carpet discoloration or discoloration, but also eliminate pet odors (soda water also has a deodorant effect).After wiping, put it in a ventilated place to dry.Carpet dust removal method to clean the carpet, can be first sprinkle a bit of salt, dust has the function of inhibition.Because salt absorbs dust, even the smallest dust particles can be cleaned.In the meantime, still can let carpet become more durable, often protect color is gorgeous.

A way to remove coffee stains from carpets

If you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet, you can first use dry cloth or paper to absorb moisture, and then mix the same amount of liquor and alcohol on the stain, wipe with dry cloth wipe.If you don't have a white wine, vinegar does the same thing.In view of this, if there is the liquor left in the home, you can make good use of it and keep it clean.In addition to coffee, easily stained food stains, including black tea, can be removed in the same way.

A way of removing chewing gum from carpets

Apply ice cubes to the top of the gum in a plastic bag and let it solidify. Then press the gum to test. When the gum is completely hard, remove it with a brush or toothbrush.Do not use chemical to dilute reagent arbitrarily, because so can make carpet damage instead, gain is not worth to lose.

The maintenance of summer carpet and collect

After using carpet a period of time, had better exchange position, make its wear and tear is even.Once there are some areas of concavoconvex do not usually want to flap gently, also can use steam iron or hot towel gently compress iron.Be like carpet appears peak hair, need to use clean towel to soak wet hot water to wipe, comb with comb smooth straight, use iron cloth to press with wet cloth to iron, can restore original state.

Summer, if the carpet of your home needs to be stored temporarily, must clean carpet clean, blow dry in shade place next, after patting off dirt to scatter on carpet a few insect repellent, reverse wool rolls up, remember not to be graph save trouble to hit on hard ground face, cause carpet theodolite to damage.Finally, cover with a plastic bag and place in an airy, dry place.In addition, carpet must not open storage, otherwise may make carpet by insect pest or the occurrence that sunning fades wait for a circumstance.

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