A life philosophy of hand-knotted carpet

- Mar 21, 2019-

Nanyang Yuxiang Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd.

Handmade silk carpet is not only a carpet

It is better to say that she is a symbol of quality

Not to mention her gorgeous color and silk material

The craftsmanship of hand-knotted is a simple quality

Having a silk carpet doesn't make your life luxurious

But it can be said that your life has become quality.

Not only the quality of the silk carpet itself can be passed down for centuries.

It’s the attitude you use it.

Reflected in the peace of mind on a regular basis, exquisite living habits

You won't scatter the stains on it at will.

You will develop the habit of regularly cleaning the house.

Handmade silk carpets need more care

She heralds that your usual life has become neat

At the same time, your life will become regular and refined.

This is truly a quality life.

A person’s taste is not what he bought.

But his life style is even human

The substance he possesses cannot explain him.

He has a material way to tell who he is.

True quality life Not to say how expensive you are.

What a luxurious home improvement

What expensive clothes to wear

But it is your lifestyle and attitude

Yuxiang Carpets Factory focuses on handmade silk carpet for 34 years.

Have your own opinion about quality

Adhere to the most culturally relevant design

Adhere to natural silk materials Stick to hand weaving

Adhere to every craft and strive for excellence

A family who only wants to have a silk carpet

Enjoy true quality luxury

Can make your life become more refined and quality