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- Apr 04, 2019-

Heriz antique silk rug1

The Heriz silk carpet shown in the picture was made in the mid-19th century. The raw material is silk, and the signature feature is the geometrical pattern of traditional floral patterns. Characterized by its gorgeous and exquisite design, the Heriz-rich rose is decorated with vine-like patterns in a swirling pattern with only a small amount of filling decoration; harmonious color matching: rare light colors The perfect combination of background and delicate sky blue and pink. Heriz is a small village in the eastern province of Azerbaijan, Iran, and is an important producer of Persian carpets. The precious Herretz silk rugs are hand-crafted, with dense knots, and occasionally auctions and trades of antique-grade rugs are rare.


The main frame is pink with a beige color, and the blue Iranian poet Hafiz verses show the unique Persian calligraphy. The multi-layered frame also enhances the value of the carpet. It can be passed down. A precious legacy for future generations. The British carpet collection magazine "Hali" (HALI) has included and introduced the blanket.


It turns out that the Iranian script also pays attention to the art of calligraphy. It is not easy to use the weaving technique to make the words so beautiful.

In the carpet family, the Turkish gold silk carpet is a favorite of many collectors. Finally found a piece, let everyone "open their eyes."

Hereke Gold Silk Blanket


Material: Silk gold wire Age: 1930s, size: 95 cm * 62 cm, origin: Herreke, Turkey

This rare and unique Herreke gold silk carpet sample is produced by a long-established old workshop, using Bursa's finest silk, with gold thread as the base, silk knotted, plant dyed, and time to make the color softer charming. The central part of the carpet is the tree of life, surrounded by mythical animals, and the birds of paradise rest on the trunk. The whole picture is full of the long tradition of Persian culture, symbolizing family harmony, life reproduction, showing its unique artistic charm.



The back details of the carpet also reflect the excellent workmanship. Hereke is a city in the southeast of Istanbul. The carpet weaving process dates back to the 8th century. Historical heritage, the carpets made from here are all exquisite materials, luxurious and exquisite carpets. The number of antique rugs in the world is scarce and it is a collection with investment value. Because the products of recent years no longer use traditional gold wire and silk.

Qum silk carpet


Craft: Hand-knitted Material: Silk Age: Mid-20th Century Size: 117cm*80cm Origin: Iran Qum

This exquisite Qum silk rug, with a knot of nearly 1,200,000 knots per square, is a classic persian willow on a Persian rug, using a vertical cross-composition of a traditional Persian garden. This design began to appear around the 15th century, from the Bakhtiari tribe, which Iranians often refer to as the Soraya tribe because of Iran’s last king, Pahlavi’s second queen, Solaya. It comes from this tribe.

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