Basic Explanation of Silk Carpet

- Aug 17, 2018-

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Silk carpet as a less and less handicrafts, must be taken good care of, here is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of silk carpets. Laying carpets is a fashion. Carpet as a part of fashionable household,, already is the main content of interior decoration, also become host to show ego wind, the fashionable element of case. Differ at floor tile the icy cold of ceramic tile, contemporary carpet with rich colour and peculiar simple sense, bring comfortable high grade to the person living experience. 

The material that domestic carpet USES is very diversiform, and different material: qualitative place makes the feeling that comes out is also different, real silk leather carpet already had in ancient times, its productivity is lesser, its raw material received one Fixed limit, the price of this kind of material carpet is also quite costly, in average household also is lesser use this kind of ground. How does pure silk carpet design romantic elegance of pure silk carpet is manual knitting carpet in the noblest. Because smooth quality of a material, suit to be used at a variety of seasons, although be phlogistic summer, its cool and refreshing foot feels also can dissipate intense heat, cheerful mood.If the south face of the house, more light, the best choice cool color Adjustable; And north face housing, choose warm color to move for good. Laid reminds: the environment appropriate of the bedroom is sweet and comfortable, although price is not cheap, real silk carpet still makes partial consumer first selection.

For one thing, you can choose to cover the floorA blanket, decorated with a cloth, leather "hem" or fringe. 

On the other hand, if you find the blanket a bit luxurious, place the carpet on the side of the bed next to the door, or on either side of the bed. Silk carpet maintenance and cleaning baseSpecial material at real silk carpet, how to extend its service life, appear very important. When spreading real silk carpet, had better be in next of real silk carpet besmear, make the foot feels more comfortable, also can make real silk carpet not easy slide, but

To absorb the moisture of the ground, but the pad is not necessary, according to your personal preference;

You can't put it on barbed wire when you're digging. It will scratch the surface of the silk rug and damage the fibers. Can be directly putOn the wood floor, back up, face down, lightly flogged. Silk carpet is cleaned to maintain real silk carpet to be cleaned every two to three years commonly, silk carpet needs to be cleaned professionally, in daily life, usable cleaner removes dust. Don'tYou want fringe. If you accidentally spill wine or oil on the carpet, but it is not very serious, you can quickly use a towel to absorb and release the stain. Then dip a cloth with a point put detergent and vinegar warm water to wipe; The pool that cleans carpet must want Clean clean, use brine to immerse real silk carpet, its effect is to have solid color effect. 

After soaking to a certain extent, sprinkle with plant acid and alkali, and brush with soft brush repeatedly. And you put a softener on it, so you wash the silkCarpet soft, smooth, flat, color more glossy. When the preservation of real silk carpet is not used, can bend the direction that real silk carpet follows hair up, put in ventilated and dry place, must not be put in plastic bag for a long time. Semiannually to oneThe direction that year silk carpet changes, in order to make its downy force is even can.