Carpet Encyclopedia

- Jun 24, 2018-

Kilim Carpet

Produced in Turkey, the carpet around the Caucasus, the carpet is only a flat pattern design, there is no cashmere (a soft layer on the carpet, in order to make bare feet feel better). On the back there is usually a loose thread of wool that can be lost or burned according to personal preference.

Silk Carpet

The best silk rugs in the world come from Iran. They are produced in five of the most famous towns in the carpet industry and are often named after towns.

Tribal Rug

Wool weaving is known for its bright, bold patterns. It's cheaper than a silk rug, but it's better for a room where people often walk around.

Antique Rug

Any carpet that is more than 50 years old is called an antique carpet. Typical antique carpets should not show much traces of use. They come from private houses and must be passed from the previous generation to the next generation in the same family.

Prayer Rug 

These rugs usually have a mihrab pattern (a semi-circular, small arch indicating the direction of Mecca). If this pattern is not found, note that there is an indistinct indicator pattern on the top of the carpet.