Carpet Workmanship ----Hand Knotted Workmanship (1)

- Aug 28, 2018-

Carpet Workmanship ----Hand Knotted Workmanship (1)

Hand-woven carpet production process

Hand-knotted carpets are knotted by hand on vertical iron and wood beams using traditional hand tufting or plain weaving methods, with machete, iron rake, wring stick, shuttle and other tools.

Its technological process is generally: wool yarn dyeing, upper warp, underlay, tracing, bolting, flat blanket, cutting, washing blanket, drying

The dyeing process in the production of hand-woven carpets mainly involves the washing and dyeing of silk. Silk is treated in a series from raw material to wool yarns for carpets.The general process is: washing, combing, spinning, dyeing, and weaving.

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