Carpet Workmanship ----Tufted Carpet Workmanship (3)

- Aug 30, 2018-

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Carpet Workmanship ----Tufted Carpet Workmanship (3)

Tufted carpet is to use the tufting machine to cut the cluster needle into the base cloth, forming a uniform spacing of tufted, on the back of the fixed cluster.Base cloth material is jute commonly, cluster material is polypropylene color silk commonly.The tufted carpets are divided into four types according to the characteristics of the structure of tufted, including plain cut pile, plain circle pile, high and low circle pile and velvet pile.Also can use the jacquard tufted machine to weave the jacquard tufted carpet.

The production process of tufted carpet is generally as follows:

Dyeing tufted silk - tufted - inspection and darning - gluing - (composite base cloth) - drying - shearing - cutting - finished product