Daily Use of Handmade Silk Carpet

- May 20, 2019-

Daily Use of Carpet

1) When cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, it does not matter if you start to reverse the direction of the hair, but in the last vacuum, you must do it once in the direction of the hair, so as to avoid pressing the dirt on the back of the blanket and making the carpet surface. Restore flatness.

2) If the surface of the handmade silk carpet is slightly dirty, use a towel to soak it in warm water, wring it out, and wipe it along the surface of the carpet. If you use a special cleaning agent, please remember to completely wipe the cleaning agent.

3) The carpet is burned by cigarette butts and can be repaired at the carpet store.

4) Every one to two years, it is best to ventilate the carpet in a cool outdoor place and knock the surface with a small stick to remove dust.

5) The overall cleaning of the handmade silk carpet should be sent to a special carpet cleaning shop. The general cleaning shop cannot be thoroughly cleaned, and the simple cleaning service will damage the carpet itself, so please pay special attention.

6) If the carpet is placed under heavy objects or furniture for a long time, dust will accumulate, and the carpet surface will fall down due to long-term heavy pressure. It should be cleaned regularly and wiped back and forth on the flattened blanket surface with a towel soaked in warm water. The blanket surface will naturally return to its original state.

7) Hand-woven rugs retain the warp of the warp above and below. This is to increase the aesthetics and has no practical effect. After long-term use, if the hair is seriously dirty or damaged, it can be cut or replaced without affecting the quality and use of the carpet itself.

8) If the carpet is placed in a strong place for a long time in the sun, the part will gradually fade. This is an inevitable phenomenon of natural materials. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid placing it in a place with strong sunlight when using it, so as not to cause uneven color of the part of the carpet.