Difference Between Turkish and Persian Knot

- Jul 10, 2018-

What is the difference between the different workmanship of silk carpets?

There are different types of knot workmanship:

Real double knots workmanship

(symmetrical knots or Turkish knots) is the best and most difficult to make. This kind of knot workmanship makes the silk rug very solid; the piles and the warps are fixed tightly; dense piles always stand even baring heavy traffic for a long time; the piles do not drop off.

Another real single knot workmanship 

(unsymmetrical knot or Persian knot) is also good. For this kind of silk rug the structure is a little bit soft. The poor workmanship is the hooked knot workmanship (unreal knot) because the piles are hooked not tied on two adjacent back warps to create the unreal knots. This poor workmanship can save the working time and material. The piles are not dense, which makes the designs obscure. It is easy to open the piles to see the inside warps. This kind of rug is not durable and solid. So the value of this kind silk rug is much less.