Do you know eight patterns of persian carpets? (2)

- Jun 20, 2020-

5. Medallion pattern


The medallion graphic is usually located in the center of the carpet. Protected by the border, it represents the supernatural God Realm. It is frequently used in carpets in Persia, Anatolia and Caucasus. There are many forms, geometric forms, curved forms, or circular, or arched, or polygonal. Sometimes there are four corner patterns, in this case, four secondary elements can play a role in protecting the center of the carpet. Symbolizes the "Sun Gate" close to heaven.

6. Life tree pattern

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Trees are the most commonly used ornaments in oriental hand-woven carpets, and appear in many forms to form a single garden or a larger layout. In both stylized and naturalized forms, the tree appears with its symbolic significance recognized in the East. It represents "the life of the tree", a symbol of fertility and coherence and also represents the "axis of the world", connecting the underground (magic world) surface (human world) and sky (spiritual world).

7. Moire pattern

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The cloud pattern is also known as the "cloud collar" pattern. It originates from the Chinese decorative pattern and is composed of a ring formed by four or more elements. There are also four-leaf clover patterns composed of factors like multi-leaf arrows. The pattern alludes to the "gate of heaven", which is the entrance to the heaven by studying theology and protecting it. Sometimes used in the middle area of the carpet, but more is used on the edge. At the border of the rug, the cloud belt and the four-leaf clover pattern were all used to emphasize multiple meanings, such as "gateway to heaven", "protected by God" and so on.

8. Gombad design


Blue Persian classic rug, its design inspiration comes from the dome of the mosque in Persian architectural culture, and it is also one of the most common Persian patterns. We call this kind of pattern called dome design gombad design. The infinitely enlarged geometric design on this rug makes people feel open-hearted and happy. The color of the rug is very popular sapphire blue and coffee gold.