Do you know why Persian carpets are loved all over the world?

- Sep 18, 2020-

Persian carpet is one of the famous handicraft industry in Iran. It has enjoyed a high reputation in the world since ancient times. It is loved by the world for its fine texture, simple and elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship. What is the beauty of the Persian carpet pattern? Why are Persian carpets popular with the masses?

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Here's why: The Persian carpet is one of the finest carpets in the world, and its exquisite weaving and artistic value are well known. Iranians think, carpet is beautiful or not, very important factor depends on the collocation of color. Most Persian carpets are dyed with crops grown on local farms or in mountainous areas. This unique color is an important factor in the value of Persian carpets.

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Use color more, the value of carpet is higher. Up to 250 colours may be used on exhibit - level carpets. Persian carpet dyeing process and other woven carpet dyeing process is not comparable.

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Persian carpets paid so much attention to the use of natural pigments that they remained brightly colored for hundreds of years. The Iranian wool itself comes in a variety of colors, including black, beige, brown, and yellow, especially when the wool is cut from the neck and belly of sheep. When the need for dyeing, more use of plant roots, stems, skin extraction dye, such as from pomegranate skin to extract light yellow, from walnut skin to extract ochre, and red often with a black small insects dye.

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Persian carpet patterns have formed a unique style, is very famous, mainly based on the living environment of the People in the Middle East, customs and habits. Designers add new and beautiful designs to the old ones. Different regions design different styles of carpet patterns, but use similar themes. Persians believe in Islam, and carpet patterns are mostly based on beautiful mosque tile, palace stone carving, natural scenery, birds and animals. Flowers, trees, etc.

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Classic Persian design can be divided into three types according to the pattern, namely, the main pattern of the center, corner pattern and filling decorative pattern. However, even if the same pattern, in different parts of Persia, because of the knot method and fabric structure of the differences in the appearance of the pattern is different.

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Finally, in the study of Persian carpet pattern structure, it should be noted that the size of the basic pattern in the Persian pattern, there is no great change in the carpet of different sizes. In particular, the side pattern private filling decorative pattern size, generally does not change the size. That is to say, if the carpet size increases, then increase the number of basic patterns, rather than magnifying the basic pattern. This point is most obvious in the main pattern of geometric pattern. Also be the main reason that receives broad masses favour!

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