Exquisite Persian Handmade Carpet

- Mar 22, 2019-

Persian is famous for its Persian handmade carpets, which are full of mysterious oriental colors. Its craftsmanship is very complicated, and its obvious feature is its weaving technique. In addition, there is another charm that ordinary carpets can't match, that is, no two Persian carpets are exactly the same, each one is called art, which makes it highly collectible and investable. Some people regard it as For property that is equivalent to cash, it can be circulated like gold, jewelry, and jade. Usually, the longer the Persian carpet is, the higher the value. If well maintained, they all become antique treasures, hand-knotted Persian handmade carpets can last for more than 100 years, and their value will continue to appreciate over time.

Similar carpets produced in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries have been widely referred to as "Persian carpets", but they are not authentic Persian carpets. To some extent, they may use patterns from Persian carpets, but Its materials, its workmanship, are not used in Persian carpets.

The authentic Persian carpet refers to the carpet produced in the Iranian country. Whether it is handmade or woven, it is famous for its exquisite carpet craftsmanship that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is very particular about the selection of materials, not just a country. Can produce Persian carpets, only in Iran, can make real Persian carpets.

Persian handmade carpets are not artificially crafted in some countries, but are also artificially manufactured. This can only be called semi-manual. But the Persian handmade carpets are masters who don't rely on any machines at all, and they make them by hand. I think that this kind of production is worthy of the manual word. The time spent on a handmade Persian carpet is very high. For a long time, the complicated patterns are woven with various wool threads, and the silk is also used in the carpet, which can make the carpet softer and more delicate in the weaving, and also enrich and highlight the visual effect of the pattern. It's no wonder that the world loves it so much, and it is completely worthy of the world's love and praise for it!