Female portraits on Persian carpets, the perfect combination of ancient and modern culture

- Sep 09, 2020-


Mateo WallPainter is a street graffiti artist, he has been painting on the street for 12 years.

In 2015, while living in Barcelona, he was influenced by the local art form and began to use traditional tile painting, which is a form of artistic expression often seen in the streets of Spain, Portugal and Maghreb. He added these colorful patterns on the large walls, giving them more artistic expression, which has become his artistic business card.


With his success in Barcelona, Mateo began to have great interest and research on the traditional crafts and symbols of different cultures around the world. He looked for ways to link traditional art, culture and tourism in painting until he met Here comes the Persian carpet.


Carpet is one of the oldest, richest and most meaningful traditional art. They were traditionally woven by women, so he chose to paint portraits of women on them. In the following year, day after day, he faced the Persian carpet the size of the entire wall, constantly indulging, thinking, adjusting, what kind of women he painted? What kind of details are drawn? What material to choose?


Mateo’s initial attempt was to combine both the carpet and the portrait in a symmetrical way. Unlike his previous painting style, he tried to find a perfect way to merge the face into a carpet. This is a different pattern. But he always tried to maintain a perfect balance between portrait and carpet design. In the end he decided to apply his most proficient street art skills and tools to the carpet. He picked up spray paint and brushes again, and the results were surprisingly good. In this way, the contemporary city, art and ancient traditional crafts and culture are perfectly combined by Mateo.


Mateo said he likes the duality of ancient art and contemporary art. By adding a human element to traditional carpets, these works touch people's deep existence, people's universal consciousness, and question people's cultural identity, which is currently being swallowed by standardization and popular culture.


Mateo considers himself a spiritual person. He meditates before painting every carpet. He sees something truly beautiful, that is, the central coat of arms of the carpet is often placed in the position of the third eye of the portrait. on.


Now, his works are exhibited on the walls of art collectors in many countries including Paris, London, New York, Miami, Montreal, Monaco, Cannes, etc.

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