Four Steps to Distinguish Between Machine-made And Hand-made Carpets

- Jul 24, 2018-

      1.Experience the touch between two carpets If you can't tell a hand-made carpet from a machine-made carpet by looking at the surface, try touching it with your hands.The stereo feeling of the carpet design that machine knits is to want to rely on a machine to clip come out, the hand feeling that grain road is concave and uneven is apparent.The stereo feeling of manual carpet design is to rely on color transition and complex weave law to form, do not rely on machine clip to form, so blanket face is flat, do not have concave and convex feeling.

       2.Look at the pattern on the carpet  The decorative pattern of manual carpet is more complex than machine woven carpet, but because manual carpet is a handicraft work, so on carpet decorative pattern you cannot see completely the same decorative pattern, always some mini wrong difference, additional line also won't so inflexible.But machine - woven carpet besides decorative pattern is simple and complete consistent besides, the line still compares stiffness.

3.Look at the color of the carpet The colors of hand-made carpets are richer than those of machine-made ones.There are no more than eight colors of machine-made carpets, but more than a dozen can be found on hand-made carpets.The same blue can be seen on hand-made carpets in different shades of blue.

4.Look at the back of  the carpet This is a method that differentiates manual carpet and machine-made carpet the most intuitionistic, the back of the carpet that manual knits can see very clearly a system buckles, and the carpet that machine knits is on cannot see these system buckles.

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