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- Nov 05, 2018-

Hand-made silk carpets are one of the treasures of Chinese art and culture. Although some styles have existed for centuries, the combination of new patterns and colors has led to many new changes in the style of carpets in recent years.In the long history, silk carpet can be preserved, you can see its outstanding.


As the soft gold in the carpet, silk carpet can be said to be a luxury, its value is very high, a pure handmade silk carpet, not only a status symbol, but also contains historical culture and use value.To many people, hand-made silk carpets are far more than just a carpet. They are the art of the underfoot.


For centuries, carpets have been found in everything from nomads to palaces.They are equally indispensable in modern life.In the sitting room, porch, kitchen, bedroom on a carpet, already beautiful can promote life savour.


The design on manual real silk carpet, it is to pass stylist elaborate design, each draw the outline of a pen contain good implication and pour into the painstaking efforts of stylist.


Yuxiang carpet, focusing on hand-made silk carpet for decades, has a professional design, development, production and post-processing team.To provide customers with the most satisfactory products and the most perfect service.