hand knotted rug and hand tufted rug

- Feb 24, 2021-

hand knotted rug and hand tufted rug 

many people buy carpet according to their taste, this is right. but for carpet, 

workmanship is a very important technics. today we talk two common workmanships. 

one is hand tufted, another is hand knotted. 

Hand tufted carpets need to be glued, and the glue has a long life. It will turn yellow and powder after a long time. Then the carpet surface and back of the gun-pierced carpet will not be fixed and bonded, so the carpet will not use. The service life of gun-stabbed carpets is only two to three years.

Hand-knotted carpets are very firm and firm because of the hand-knotted process. Hand-knotted carpets can be used for over 50 years without problems.

Hand knotted rug takes more times to finish, a few months, a few years.

hand tufted rugs takes a few days to finish.

comparehand knotted rughand tufted rug
service life
over 50 years2-3 years
workmanshiphand knottedhand tufted
glueno gluehave glue on back
smellno smellbad smell, harmful
hand knotted time6-8-10 months or morejust a few days to finish tufted
pricehigher cheap

compare above two workmanship, hand knotted rug is much better.