Handmade Silk Carpet and Silk Road

- Jun 12, 2018-

  • The origin of hand-woven carpets is closely related to the history of the Silk Road.

  • The Silk Road started 3,000 years ago in Chang'an, China, was reached by Dunhuang, entered the Tarim Basin, arrived at the Pamirs Plateau, connected East Asia, Central Asia, Persia (now Iran), Turkey, and arrived in ancient Rome and European countries. Like a big river that runs through Central Asia, the Silk Road also connects neighboring countries and regions, such as India, Arabia and Mongolia.

  • The commodities trade between the East and the West is transported by this way, such as the silk, spices and spices from countries such as China and India; the handicrafts and native products from Persia and Turkey.

  • Around the thousandth century BC, in the Taklamakan Desert and the Tarim Basin and other Central Asian regions such as Hetian and Kashgar, and now Uzbekistan and other places, rich in precious metals such as gold and silver and precious stones became the East and West of the Silk Road at the time. National trading center area.

  • In that era, hand-woven rugs have started to be traded as high-grade crafts.