How are Handmade Carpets made?

- Nov 20, 2020-

How are Handmade Carpets made?

They all say that handmade carpets are good, and they all say that handmade carpets are expensive. How are handmade carpets made? Today we take our handmade silk carpet as an example to tell you about its weaving process.

1. Design drawing.

Designers have devoted themselves to studying Persian culture for decades, and are well versed in various regional patterns and religious patterns. Rich experience in pattern drawing and color matching of different styles.

2. Natural selection.

The selection of materials comes from natural tussah silkworms, selection and preparation of materials. Tussah silk has a unique jewel luster, natural luxury, smooth and comfortable, soft and elastic in the hand, and is the best choice for silk carpet materials.

3. Mine plant dyeing.

Use more dyes extracted from plant roots, stems, and bark. Then, put the dyed thread in the sun to dry.

4. Hanging scripture

Craftsmen are required to have skilled skills and can do it in one go to ensure the density and uniform tension of the hanging

5. Knotted by hand

For the image depicted in the pattern design, the craftsman relies on different knotting methods to vividly express the pattern carefully designed by the designer on the carpet.

6. Wash and air dry.

Use a carpet machine to smooth the surface of the carpet, then use modern water washing technology to remove dirt and air dry. Inspect the carpet and perform trimming.

7. The craftsman checks the carpet surface for trimming

8.The craftsmen will pull the ears according to the different sizes and colors of each carpet.

Each process above is done by hand. It contains the essence and blood of generations of craftsmen, who persevere in research and refine them into gold. Only today's hand-made silk carpets.