How to choose a good handmade silk carpet?

- Nov 17, 2020-

How to choose a good handmade silk carpet?

How to choose a good handmade silk carpet?

Those who pursue high-quality home furnishings want to own a real handmade silk carpet, but there are many products on the market, so choosing a high-quality handmade silk carpet must pay attention to the method.

The following will teach you how to use your eyes and hands to distinguish the true and false of handmade silk carpets, as well as the pros and cons. The layman can also learn it. Take notes if you need it!

One, observation

1 Look at the patterns on the front and back of the carpet

A major feature of handmade silk carpets is the beautiful patterns. Therefore, high-quality handmade silk carpets have vivid and clear patterns on the surface of the carpet. Even on the back, the pattern and texture can be clearly seen; while woven carpets are not like the production process of the machine The artificial weaving is so delicate, so the pattern is fuzzy when viewed from the back.

Handmade silk carpet carpet back pattern is still clear

2 Look at the color changes under different angles

Handmade silk carpets are made of natural silk. Silk has a unique refractive property, which will show different colors from different angles. In addition, handmade silk carpets have the difference between the smooth side and the reverse side. The color is lighter from the side. The color is darker from the reverse side, so you can change the direction to see if there is such a color change on the carpet surface.

Handmade silk carpets have different colors at different angles

Two, touch

1 Touch the flatness of the carpet surface

The weaving process of handmade silk carpets is very particular. There are a total of more than a dozen steps. The trimming of the carpet surface has to be processed three times before and after to ensure that the length of the pile is consistent. The surface of a good handmade silk carpet must be very flat. There is uneven ups and downs. So we can feel whether the carpet surface is smooth and tidy.

The handmade silk carpet carpet surface is smooth and very glossy

2 Touch the pile density of the carpet surface

The pile of the carpet has the effect of being resistant to trampling, abrasion, absorbing sound waves, and reducing noise. The denser the pile, the better the effect. The higher the quality of handmade silk carpet, the greater the pile density, so You can feel the texture of the carpet surface with your hands.

Here is a reminder to try not to choose a plush carpet. It looks velvety and beautiful on the surface, but the pile density is loose and the pile is easy to fall and deform. Such a carpet is not resistant to trampling, loses the unique performance of the carpet and is not durable.

The knots on the back of the handmade silk carpet are clear and dense

3 Touch the direction of the pile on the carpet

The pile direction of handmade silk carpets should be the same, about 45 degrees with the warp and weft planes. After placing furniture on the carpet, the suede will not be overwhelmed directly. For woven carpets with a pile face of 90 degrees, the pile face will be overwhelmed directly after the furniture is placed, causing damage to the carpet.

Moreover, the hand-made silk carpet has a different touch on the forward and reverse sides. The smooth hand feel on the forward side and the reverse side feel will be slightly blocked.