How to Choose An Excellent Silk RUG

- Aug 02, 2018-


Let the carpet flannelette outwards, you can see that the hand-made carpet has a small knot at the end of each thread.Hand-made carpets are not perfectly symmetrical, and it is acceptable to have minor irregularities every two to seven centimeters.


Observe the back of carpet, manual carpet can clearly see the pattern, and woven carpet has no obvious characteristics.The whiskers of hand-made carpets are naturally lengthened by thread bundles, while the whiskers of machine-made carpets are sewn up by machines.


Use your hands to perceive the direction of the flannelette, the smooth feel of the smooth side of the hand, the reverse side will be somewhat blocked.Besides, the reflective effect of the smooth surface and the reverse side is different.

The flannelette of hand - made carpet should be consistent, about 45 degrees from the warp - weft plane.When furniture is placed on the carpet, the suede will not be directly crushed.