How to Choose High Quality Hand Made Silk Carpet

- Oct 16, 2018-

How to Choose High Quality Hand Made Silk Carpet

How to Choose High Quality Hand Made Silk Carpet

Choose a good hand-made silk carpet and pay attention to the following aspects

1. The raw materials

The stand or fall of a carpet raw material itself, go up greatly.The service life of this carpet is decided.Knotting carpets by hand takes a lot of time and labor, and it takes only a few months and a few years.Therefore, in the choice of raw materials, very exquisite, usually silk or wool.In terms of wool, the climate, altitude, water quality and the age and breeding mode of sheep at the time of wool collection will affect the wool quality, while the wool from shoulder and chest is superior to other parts.Similarly, the collection of silk is determined by the natural conditions of the place where the silk is produced.

Silk can be made into high-density hand-made carpets, wool can only be made into low-density hand-made carpets.In the market, the price of hand-made wool carpet is generally only two thirds of the price of hand-made silk carpet.And the wool blanket is thicker, more rough, like the northern man.True silk carpet is relatively thin, more graceful, like jiangnan beauty.

Additional, the carpet of qualified quality is in processing process, want to pass degrease, insect-resistant eat by moth, prevent decolorization, fight electrostatic wait for technological process, these days after tomorrow add all the processing process that go up in natural qualitative material, can extend the service life of carpet.And the only goal of these processing craft itself, let hand knitting carpet can assure to use life while, do not change the natural advantage of material itself.But the general consumer cannot simply identify these processes with the naked eye, and they will only appear in future trials.Therefore, choosing a professional and honest brand shop becomes the first principle.

2. Pattern design

The beautiful hand-made silk carpet that makes consumer heart, cannot leave original design, good design, layout is reasonable, design is clear, colour is harmonious, the use of all voids is perfect and balanced.To do this, there needs to be a rigorous planning and preparation phase and a rigorous weaving implementation phase to cooperate with each other.

Each hand-woven silk carpet is a work of art, and the details of the design are, of course, exquisite -- the color scheme should be pleasing to the eye, the flowers should be of the same size, and the vine lines should be delicate.But the overall feeling is more important when you're shopping, and it's love at first sight.

3. Visual effects

Our first impression of the carpet is not only the delicate design but also the pleasing color. In the process of making the carpet, dyeing is a very important part.Although chemical staining is generally used in the world, traditional natural staining has not been replaced for thousands of years. Some methods of natural material staining without public formula, combined with modern staining techniques, have been used in different regions.The color of high quality carpet, rich and full natural balance and harmony.

4. Knotting density

The weaving density of a piece of carpet is determined by the number of handmade knots of the carpet.Pick pattern depends on eye catching, knot number is actual technical standard.The number of knots made by hand is directly related to the labor time of the carpet. The number of knots made by hand is the number of knots per square foot.The number of knots in a carpet determines the number of hours put in.Turn to the back of the carpet and count the number of knots per square centimeter.The average household hand weaves silk blanket every square centimeter to have 57-96 knot commonly, most top class carpet can achieve 1076 knot, nevertheless, most top class is museum to collect commonly, price is expensive, average person also cannot see.

5. Drawing

The handmade silk carpet is first drawn by the artist on the paper by hand, and it takes about one to three months to draw a sheet of paper by hand. These patterns are fully integrated into the artist's personal art culture and style.Among these people, there are some national masters of arts and crafts, and more "artistes" who are hidden in the folk for years. They have no name, but have a profound influence in the industry, and are the real "king without a throne".Therefore, the hand that you buy silk carpet, from which drawing division, is also one of the factors to judge the value of silk carpet.

6. Weavers

The best age for a woman to weave a handmade silk carpet is 35-45.Too young, not mature weaving skills, blanket imperfections inevitable.Too old, your eyesight and physical strength are failing, your strength is inadequate, and you can't weave the perfect blanket.The best weavers, who can make fine carpets, tend to be 35-45 years old.

7. Production time

Time is longer, the appreciation space of manual silk carpet is bigger, the colour and lustre of old carpet also is more durable than new carpet.If you have a budget, you won't regret buying an antique carpet for a hundred years or so, whether it's a collection or an investment.Old hand-made carpets are definitely more expensive than new ones. It's a rule.