How to Choose High Quality Silk Carpet

- Aug 24, 2018-

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                How to choose high quality silk carpet

Buying and using silk carpets is a riskless investment for a family.With the development of The Times, as a kind of more and more scarce handicraft art, the appreciation and collection value of silk carpet with national characteristics undoubtedly determines its infinite appreciation potential.

Appreciate the value

Hand-made carpets use various traditional patterns, such as flowers, birds, blessings, longevity, dragons, etc., which show the styles and exquisite techniques of various nations and nations.Manual pure silk carpet from the pattern of China are: Persian, Beijing type, art type, color type, antique and so on the many kinds of style, rich in content, the flowers, the blanket face scenery like relief, carpet surface light, colour and lustre bright-coloured, condenses the essence of ancient Chinese culture, and natural forms of modern civilization and eclectic, has the very high appreciation value.

Use value

Silk carpet USES natural mulberry silk as raw material, hand-knotted.Natural mulberry silk is a kind of natural protein fiber. It has good insulation, moisture absorption, heat dissipation and air permeability.Silk carpet has this unique value is also other types of carpet unparalleled.

The collection value

Hand-made real silk ground is the most high-grade breed in knotting carpet.Number of more than 300 frivolous quality pure silk carpet, comfortable, there are more than 90000 per square foot hand knot, its production is a time-consuming job, need to be processed before and after, drawing, weaving, flat, slice, wash, cast, repair and so on dozens of working procedure, so have "soft gold", the effect of highly value maintained and added.At the same time, the cultural connotation and artistic taste behind the silk carpet are also favored by many collectors.