How to Choose Iranian Persian Carpet?

- Aug 20, 2018-

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1. Folding: make the carpet suede outward. You can see that the end of each thread of the hand-made carpet has a small knot.Handmade carpets are not perfectly symmetrical, and it is acceptable to have slight irregularities every 2 to 7 cm.

2. Observation: on the back of the carpet, the patterns can be clearly seen from the hand-made carpet, while the woven carpet has no obvious features.The fringed edges of hand-made carpets are naturally lengthened by threads, while the fringed edges of woven carpets are separately sewn by machines.

3. Hand feeling: feel the downward direction of the suede with your hands, feel smooth with the right hand, and the opposite side will feel somewhat blocked.Besides, the reflective effect is different from that of the reverse side, which looks lighter in color and darker in color.The suede direction of the hand-made carpet should be consistent, about 45 degree Angle from the plane of the warp and weft.When furniture is placed above the carpet, the suede will not be crushed directly.And suede face is turned to be the machine that 90 degrees weave carpet, after placing furniture can overwhelm suede face directly, cause damage to carpet.

The price of hand-made Persian carpet should see the proportion degree that contains real silk, the more pure price is higher, of course material origin is very crucial also, if use New Zealand wool commonly is high-grade carpet.In a traditional Persian rug, the fine wool of an 8-14 month lamb, called corker, feels fine, smooth and soft.

The design of Persian carpet is mainly made up of flowers and branches, various mosque buildings, court and hunting scenes, and religious totems. More than ten or even dozens of different color lines are used when weaving. The exhibition level carpet may use up to 250 colors, which makes everyone amazed.According to different weaves and weaves, the road number of Persian carpet directly determines the exquisite degree of picture and line, just like the fine tapestry of oil painting, the density can be up to 400~500 lines mostly.

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