How to choose the silk rugs?

- Jul 27, 2018-

How to choose the silk rugs?

Choose the right size:

When choosing an area silk carpet you should realize the actual size of the silk rug is in approximate size that you want. Silk carpets are works of art and are not made to cover the entire floor, so you should leave 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 centimeters) of vacant space between the edge of carpet and its surrounding furniture or walls.

Choose the right designs:

1. Allover: Carpets in this layout have no central design and the designs spread throughout the whole carpet separately or connected. There may be one same design or several designs appearing repeatedly throughout the whole carpet.

2. Medallion: In this layout, a large centerpiece is the main design called "Medallion". And this layout is the most popular one in handmade carpets. The shapes of medallions are usually circular, oval, octagonal, hexagonal and star-like. This kind of carpets is always symmetric in layout.

3. One-sided: For this layout, the designs are only properly viewed from one side. The designs on one-sided carpets are usually images of people, animals and scenery. Since one-sided carpets should not be viewed upside-down they are often used as wall hangings.

Choose the right colors:

Silk carpets have many colors but the first impression of the color a carpet gives you is the contrast of various colors that creates the different designs. This is the same way in all other art fields. The colors of a carpet are mainly identified by the field (background) color and the border color. The field color is dominant and it usually covers the most space of the whole rug. The most commonly used background colors are red, blue, black, beige, white and yellow. Usually the silk rug will appear dark and light colors if you view from different angles. When choosing the silk carpet you should consider whether the field color matches your furniture and the wall.