How To Clean A Handmade Silk Rug?

- Jul 23, 2018-

             How to clean a handmade silk rug?

1. The first step of your silk rug cleaning process is to get rid of all the dust in your silk rug. For this, you will vacuum your rug thoroughly. You can do this at your home, but like we said, silk rug can get damaged easily and so you should do it carefully.

2. The next step is to inspect your rug for stains. When you have determined their type, you remove them with appropriate agents. use gentle chemicals and the fibers of your rug will stay strong so its quality will not be degraded. Using low quality cleaning solution will reduce the fiber strength and discolor the rug.

3. Silk rugs get damaged when exposed to high temperatures. This is why you do not use warm water for washing your rug. Instead, you use water of normal temperature and wash your rug in it. then leave it to dry in a state-of the-art drying room. Though air is used for this purpose, you never make use of heat.

4. As clean as your rug may be, it should smell just as great. as the last part silk rug cleaning, leaving it smelling fresh and sweet.

Our Washing Process As Follow

1) Soak With Netural Detergent for Half An Hour Before Washing


2) Clean Every Part of the Silk Rugs By Machine


Clean By Hand for Tiny Stains


3) Wash with Clean Water


4) Get rid of the Stains and Netural Detergent


5) Clean Back of the Handmade Silk Carpets