How to Identify Carpets?

- Aug 08, 2018-

1. How to identify the traditional carpets of Turkey, Iran and other countries?

Turkish knot, which is used in Turkey including western Iran and the Caucasus region, is a kind of double knot. It has good symmetry.In eastern Iran, including central Asia, India, Pakistan and China, Persian knots are mainly used. They are simple knot-making method, which is easy to produce flowing patterns.

In addition as a result of religion and its medium faction and each place of origin local conditions and customs cause, the carpet pattern of different place of origin and religious sect area often has its distinctive feature.

2. How do you tell if it is handmade or woven?

Carpet back: due to the relationship between technology and back glue, the back of woven carpet is usually vague and hard, while the patterns on the back of hand-woven carpet are still clear and recognizable.

Carpet tassel: the hand-knitted carpet is one of the ends of the warp thread, while the machine carpet is sewn back.

Carpet side: hand-woven carpets are wrapped into a whole by hand, and there are traces for sewing machine.

Color: woven carpets can only be available in dozens of colors, while handmade carpets can be available in dozens of colors.

3. How to see the texture?Is it artificial fiber, wool, cotton, or silk?Is the vertical and horizontal a kind of qualitative land?

Roughly speaking, the most intuitive characteristic of pure silk is that it has a soft and bright luster and a pearl-like luster.The wool hand-knitted carpet will not lose its wool. Wool can be burned but not combustion AIDS. It is not easy to generate static electricity or ash.Manmade carpets are usually thin, not heavy, and have the luster of manmade fibers, and how to recognize machine blankets has been discussed earlier.

The vertical is to say warp and weft, not necessarily a kind of qualitative ground, may use cotton thread to do warp wool or silk weft, most Iranian carpet is wool or pure silk.

4. How do you look at density?Single knot or double knot?

The number of knots per square inch is the density of the carpet, the point at which the warp and weft intersect.Generally the higher the density, the better, but not always.In addition, density is a relative value, which varies greatly from material to material.Single knot and double knot can not be distinguished with the naked eye.