How to Judge the Collection Value of the Carpet

- Aug 26, 2018-

Nanyang Yuxiang Arts&Crafts Co.,LTD.

Look from the auction market at home and abroad, the price that rises ceaselessly shows carpet collects with the distinctive glamour of investment.The person that has allure collects foreground to also make many pursuit decorous art begins pay attention to carpet to collect.But wang lijuan suggests to enter collect, want to have certain professional knowledge and kind of science above all, ability collects the good carpet that has value investment.

1. Decades; the older the better.According to the consistent understanding of the international collection field at present, the core of the collection and investment carpet is the hand-made carpet more than 100 years ago, rather than the modern mechanism blanket.A few article photograph is kept intact carpet price is relatively high, especially a few did not use.The oldest surviving carpet was found in 1949 by Soviet archaeologists in the altai region of barzelek number five mure.The carpet was produced in Persia during the reign of achaemenes in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The trimmed wool blanket is 2 meters long and 1.9 meters wide.

2. Wool.Wool is the main factor that affects carpet quality of a material, accordingly, good wool decided carpet price half.The wool that the most expensive want to count yak tail knits to carve silk carpet, fine, wear-resisting, weave rise to follow wei to run ceaselessly via, this kind of carpet can be said to be the high-quality goods in carpet family, feel slippery run, the foot is stepped on have rebound feeling, feel less than a bit rough rub feeling.Next is the carpet that weaves with the mianmian of autumn, its natural content is high, do not fade, bouncy, foot feels good, hand touches blanket face soft and smooth, warm in winter and cool in summer, durable.

The other is hand spinning.By spinning cotton wool with simple tools of their own making, the craftsman can weave the fine and short parts of cashmere that cannot be spun by the machine into thread. This makes the carpet durable and shows the hand knitting art at that time.Generally speaking, the carpet service life that hand spins thread to weave can be in 150 years above.

3. The pattern.The appreciation value of carpet focuses on its design.Carpet patterns collect a variety of traditional patterns and natural landscape, such as flowers, birds, blessing, longevity, dragon and so on.Most of them borrowed from ancient porcelain, wood and architecture styles, and borrowed from each other with unique style.The pure woolen hand-made carpets in China can be divided into "Tibetan pattern", "xinjiang pattern", "Beijing color pattern" and other styles. The flowers and sceneries on the carpet look like reliefs.

4. Dyeing.In ancient times, carpet dyeing could only rely on natural dyeing.The color of dyed wool mainly depends on plant color, a small part is extracted from mineral, the color dyed is pure and gorgeous, the color is soft, without dazzling light color.And its biggest advantage is pair of wool has protective effect, do not injure wool qualitative, can say is durable, more use more beautiful.The color maintains fixed number of years to be able to exceed the service life of carpet, although carpet already rotten but color is still beautiful beautiful.

5. The origin of a product.Different areas determine the texture and quality of the carpet.For example, due to soil and water relationship, the carpet in xinjiang is dyed well and is woven with three weft threads, which is more compact.Beijing carpet is antique, two weft weaving, mostly blue color;Mongolian carpet design vivid, dynamic;The color of Turkey carpet is gorgeous, long and not faded, with a strong three-dimensional feeling, each different style;Persian carpets are made of wool and silk. They are knitted by hand. They are firm, solid, elastic, breathable, fine grain, clear patterns and exquisite workmanship.