​Hygroscopic Function of Silk Carpets

- Jun 04, 2018-

Hygroscopic Function of Silk Carpets 

1. Silk carpets are woven from silk that has good insulation properties. 

2. Placing large-area silk carpets can reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the ground in the room, blocking the coldness of the ground and making people feel warm and comfortable. Tests show that after laying a silk carpet in a heated room, the warmth value will increase by about 12% when compared to no carpeting. 

3.The space between silk carpet silk fabrics has a good function of regulating air humidity. When the indoor humidity is high, it can absorb moisture; when the room is relatively dry, the moisture in the air gap will be released, so that the indoor humidity will be adjusted Balanced and refreshing. Various hazards to the human body caused by the prevention of wet ground, such as joint diseases. 

4.When the air conditioning is turned on in the summer, it can also keep the air-conditioning from being spread and save the energy of the indoor air conditioner. 

5.Although the silk carpet can absorb moisture, it also needs cleaning, ventilation and drying. Because if you do not clean, ventilate, and dry for a long time, it is easy to breed mold. You know, wet Persian carpets are ideal places for mold growth and provide moisture, oxygen, food, and growth for mold. As you know, Persian rugs are very moldy, and on many older carpets, molds that use soil as a food source start to smell moldy and wet for only a short time and grow up. It may grow into visible, visible spots for a week or two. The most effective way to deal with these is to clean and dry. After cleaning, drying is the most important, including window ventilation, drying on the balcony, and drying with a dehumidifying dryer.