How to weave a 100% hand knotted carpet?

- Aug 18, 2020-

How to weave a 100% hand knotted carpet? There are more than 10 steps to weave a hand knotted carpet.

1.Pattern designing and drawing

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According to the required design, the designer start to make design drawing by hand. Draw design on a chart and match the different colors on it so that the weavers can follow.This is a creative work.The artisans must have a blue print in their mind.Actually the finished carpet is the representation of the design.To some extent,this is the first important thing because it can determine the value of the carpet.

2.Matching colour & dyeing

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To Reel off raw silk from cocoons. Extracted from natural plant and mineral dyes, using the ancient dyeing to dye different colors of silk yarn.            

3.Hanging the warps

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Hanging warps according to different lines. Mark on the plotting scale in feet.

4.Hand weaving

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According to the design diagram, the silk yarn will be tied around the two adjoining warp yarns to create a knot. There are Turkish Ghiordes knots and the Persian Senneh knots. The end of the silk thread will be cut off by a special knife. When a raw of knots is finished the weft yarns will be woven through compartment space between front and back warps. Using a special iron comb to pat the knots and wefts and make it more solid.


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After months or even years’ work, the whole carpet is finished.It will be cut down from the loom rack. According to the design of carpet, the technicians trim the pile smoothly in the right position, depth and angle.


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After shearing, use the impact force of flowing water to clean the carpet clearly.


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Dry the silk carpet in ventilated place, no sunlight exposure.

8.Making tassels

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The ends of the warps will be coiled up into beautiful tassels by skilled weavers.


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Make use of the old steam ironing technology to make the carpet straight and flat, repair and trim the fringe. And in order to clean up the pile of the backside of the carpet, the technicians will burn the backside of the carpet. After these, a fine handmade silk carpet was born.

10.Checking and Warehousing

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It will take one girl about half a year to make a 2*3ft carpet of 300 lines(90,000knots per square foot),The silk thread used to knot top quality carpet is as thin as a hair.When knotting,weavers even need to use magnifier. The work is so harmful to weaver's eyes that they seldom can make the second same piece. So the hign density silk carpet is called soft gold.