Living Room Carpet Selection Tips

- Sep 03, 2018-

Living Room Carpet Selection Tips

The house is decorated very well, furniture is bought very well, can move new residence basically, but, if you want to highlight the integral effect of household more, do not prevent a piece of carpet that is tie-in with decorating style in the sitting room laid, increased emotional appeal to be able to have the protective effect of safety skid again already.So, what's the trick with carpet shopping?Today, small make up for you brought living room carpet to choose skill and living room carpet brand to recommend, see together!

Living room carpet selection tips

1. Size of living room carpet

Sitting room is in 2 0 square metre above, carpet should not be less than 1. 7 meters x 2. 4 meters.

2. Varieties of living room carpets

Carpet material includes cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass and other natural fiber or synthetic fiber materials.

3. Function of living room carpet

Because the function that the bedroom USES is different, the environment that ought to use according to carpet so and actual need, if the position of laid and the amount of walk that place size will choose the breed that matches with it.

4. Living room carpet material

Besides beautiful outside, carpet is durable also very sticking point.In the area that starts frequent, if porch, be about to choose density is higher, wear-resisting carpet (if short wool loop is downy, twist downy);And the sort that stair wants to choose durable, nonslippery, prevent to choose long wool flat circular wool blanket, because the underside of blanket is easy to be exposed in stair edge, general carpet can have label to indicate stair to use.

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5. Color of living room carpet

The color of carpet and environment should not contrast too big between.When choosing colors, look first at the orientation of the house.Houses facing southeast or south have large daylighting area, and the best choice is cold color;If be northwest to face, choose warm color is better, can make originally bleak house adds warm interest so.

6. Quality of living room carpet

In addition to the characteristics of the fiber and processing, and plush fiber density, weight, twisting methods are quite related.The thicker and thicker the plush, the heavier the weight of the plush per unit area, the better the texture and appearance of the living room carpet can be maintained.

7. Matching of living room carpet

The flower form of carpet can press the design of furniture to form a complete set, use annatto or the furniture that copy annatto, 1 chooses line to arrange the regular pattern flower form to weigh, show suffer from primitive simplicity, elegance;Use combined-type furniture or new-style furniture, and the carpet of irregular design of choose and buy, can let a person feel relaxed, free and easy.

8. After-sale service of living room carpet.

1) Free cleaning for life;

2) Return policy if you are not satisfied with our carpets.

   Pls make sure that we receive our rugs before returning back your money.

3)Small hand knotted problem will be handled soon after communication.