More You Would Like to Know about Handmade Silk Carpet

- May 17, 2019-

More You Would Like to Know about Handmade Silk Carpet

1.Q: Why are handmade carpets so expensive?

A: Because we are not selling ordinary carpets, they are hand-knotted carpets. Hand-knotted carpets are hand-knotted by specific weavers. In simple terms, a weaving machine (we call it the machine beam) is prepared before weaving, and the carpet yarn is hung up and down on the machine beam to form a warp. Then the weaver sits in front of the machine beam and hand-threads the yarn. Pass through the front and rear two warp threads, tie a buckle (a knot), and cut the blanket yarn with a knife. A small pile of velvet head will be formed in front, and a knot will be formed on the back. The pile is the carpet surface of the carpet. The piles of each piece form a large piece of carpet surface (the blanket surface will be flattened at the end), and the weaver is such a knot that weaves the hand-made carpet. Among them, hanging is also very troublesome, small-sized carpets also need two or three people to hang together for a day, the bad hanging of the warp also affects the weaving of the carpet, not so easy.

2.Q: I have only seen gun rugs on handmade carpets.

A: The gun rug is not a handmade carpet in the strict sense. Please see the difference between handmade carpet and gun rug. Hand-knotted carpets and gun-punched carpets are two completely different categories. The gun-punched carpet is a carpet formed by a hand-held tool (tufting gun) that pushes the carpet yarn onto the carpet base fabric.

3.Q: What does the weaving machine for handmade carpets look like?

A: The weaving machines for hand-made carpets are specially made. Most of them used to be wooden machine beams. Now they are all steel machine beams. As shown.

4.Q: I saw online saying that there are Persian knots and Turkish knots.

A: Yes, Persian knots persian knots we call the eight-character buckle, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China's popular Tibetan eight-button knot method. Turkey Turkish kont knot we call double buckle, Turkey, Armenia, etc. like to use double buckle. The eight-button rug is thinner and softer than the double-button rug. To say which is good, I specifically asked foreigners at the exhibition. When asked the Turks, he said that Turkey had a good relationship. When asked the Iranians, he said that Persian had a good relationship. I am speechless. In fact, this is just a way of knotting, there is really no need to entangle too much, and the way of knotting is really not only these two, but these two are more common.

5.Q: Are the hand-knotted carpets only silky and wooly?

A: The raw materials for hand-knotted carpets are mainly silk and wool. Because the production of hand-knotted carpets requires a lot of effort, it is necessary to use good raw materials to get the most out of the energy, and to match the craftsmanship. But the raw materials for handmade carpets are not only silk and wool, but also other such as camel hair, and now the popular bamboo fiber Bamboo silk, the silk used in many silky carpets in India is bamboo fiber. Silk carpet is good or wool carpet is good, please refer to "Wool carpet is good or silk is good".

6.Q: How long does it take to make a hand-knotted carpet?

A: Depending on the quality, the pattern, and the proficiency of the weaver, the time for making a handmade carpet is different. We used to have a 2.7x3.6m carpet weaved for 3 years. The foreigner who made this carpet also waited for three years. The final delivery was very satisfactory. Good things are always worth waiting for. Some carpets are very normal because they have special circumstances, weaving half, or changing a few people to weave, or weaving for many years. But custom carpets, we will try to let the right people to weave to ensure quality. However, in general, a 2.7x3.6m carpet, of ordinary quality, requires two skilled weavers to weave together, which takes about 12 months. Skilled weavers can usually make a knot every 2 seconds, and can play 10,000 knots in 8 hours a day. Our current carpet is about 570,000 knots per square meter, which means that a skilled weaver can weave a square meter and it takes two months. Here, the female sorcerer wants to smash it. In fact, it is not only a matter of time, it is really not good to weave, the eyes look forward to a dense line of warp, and the patterns of handmade carpets are complex, with many colors, weavers. We need to bolt the fixed color of the yarn on the fixed warp. Weaving a row may change a lot of colors. If the pattern is wrong, the quality will be off, it is not easy. And sitting down is a whole day, it is very boring high-intensity mental, physical and visual activity.

7.Q: Is every hand-knotted carpet unique?

A: Yes. Even the same patterns and patterns allow different people to weave and weave them in subtle differences, because their experience of blankets, hand strength and knotting affect the overall effect of the carpet surface. But people who don't know how to do it can't usually see it. You should be just as good, the most important thing is that the pattern looks good. Of course, most hand-woven rugs are unique limited editions, but limited editions are not necessarily good, or patterns are the most important.

8.Q: Do you often say the quality is the quality?

A: Yes, it is quality. The number of Tao is invented by the Chinese, and we like to use the concept of Taoism to measure quality. For example, if we say that the quality of the carpet is 300, then there are 300 warp threads per foot, and there are actually 300 wefts. But the international common is KPSI, which is the abbreviation of knots per square inches, that is, how many nodes per square foot, such as 300 carpets in China, which is 625kpsi (300x300/12x12). Of course, there are still foreigners who use 16/12 expressions. This is 16 inches of warp and 12 wefts. You will ask why it is different from the domestic ones. Is there more warp than the latitude? The reason is very simple, because they may only have one knot on the two meridians, so there are many ways to tie the knot, but unless you want to be a carpet expert rug expert, there is no need to study it, and you can buy it without you. How much relationship, know the quality is OK, remember that the measure of quality is feet and inches, not China's feet and inches! The number of roads is high, KPSI is high, the quality is higher, and the carpet is more expensive.

9.Q: Why do rugs have tassels? Don’t want to do it.

A: Handmade carpets have spikes. When weaving, there is always a head. When weaving, we will always receive a tail, so the warp threads at the head and tail will be left out. But if you don't want it, we can sew it in, don't show it, and it doesn't affect the appearance. It has been done to some customers, which is a small problem. The tassels can also be long or short. You can cut short for you. You can stay longer if you are too short. The woven female sister may have seen more of the carpet, and she always feels that the carpet without the ear is the same as the hair.

10.Q: Is your carpet stained with plants?

A: I said yes, would you believe it? I can only say that there are plants dyed, but all of them are impossible to dye. Plant dyeing is very limited in color and has poor color fastness. But plant-dyed carpets are a little more expensive. Moreover, plant dyeing is not unique to modern times. It existed as early as the Republic of China. Now even Iranian Persian carpets are not all plant dyeing. This really doesn't have to be tangled. The dyeing technology is very good now and it is very environmentally friendly.

11.Q: Is the most important choice for handmade carpets?

A: No, the most important choice is a reliable supplier. What is reliable, will not kill you, will not tell you what you don't need, will not buy strong sales, will not buy today, you will not find someone tomorrow, will not let you feel that you bought a blanket Very uncomfortable. If you buy a handmade carpet, you must find a supplier you trust. If you believe in us, look for us. If you feel that we are not good, find something you like. Just choose carefully. Because the manual carpet is used for many years, after the carpet has a problem, it needs to be repaired or needs to be cleaned. If the domestic hand-woven carpet cleaning mechanism is not perfect, it is still safe to find the supplier.

12.Q: Will hand-knotted carpets appreciate?

A: Yes. Because domestic weavers have become less and less, and raw materials have been rising prices. We also increase the price of new products appropriately every year. But if you buy mainly shop, then don't think too much about this issue, it doesn't make sense. If you buy a collection, it is best to ask us which ones are better.

13.Q: I want to customize one piece?

A: Of course, the supplier who can provide customized services is the real senior supplier. Before customizing the carpet, we must communicate with us more colors, patterns, materials and quality. Not all the patterns will be beautiful, some patterns are suitable for silk, some patterns are suitable for hair, and there are differences. Before the woven female sister had a foreigner customer, she had to make a modern geometric pattern of wool carpet into a silk carpet, which was rejected by me. Imagine if this pattern is really good for silk, it can be popular, and there are suppliers. Do it? In the end, he adopted my suggestion and bought wool. Some patterns are the exclusive patterns of a material, and innovation is not necessary. There is also a custom time, you have to wait, and be prepared for time changes. In addition, the price of customized carpets is high, so don't worry about it. In short, more communication before customization! More communication! More communication!

14 Q: I want to buy an antique blanket?

A: Yes, it is very good to buy it. But if you are a collector's investment, be careful before the knowledge reserves are insufficient.

15.Q: Handmade carpet cleaning is very troublesome.

A: Handmade carpets are the best cleaning in carpets, whether it is silk or wool, flame retardant, dust-resistant, and anti-mite. Usually use a vacuum cleaner to regularly suck, when there are small stains, use a semi-dry towel to wash the detergent, especially when dirty, go to a professional cleaning mechanism to clean, do not wash yourself!

16Q: There are too many sizes and colors. How to choose?

A: According to personal preferences, freestyle will do, and I want to know how to shop. For details, please refer to "How to choose the size of handmade carpets" "How to choose the color of the carpet, do not use Baidu, look at this."