Pattern of Persian Carpet

- Mar 31, 2019-

Persian carpets are mainly divided into two types:

1. Straight line geometric pattern

All decorative patterns of this type of carpet are composed of vertical lines, horizontal lines and diagonal diagonal lines, and the central pattern is repeated. Most of these carpets are woven in nomadic tribes and villages far from towns, so the patterns are relatively primitive.



2. Landscape, flowers, animal prints

Also called the curve realistic pattern, according to foreign books about oriental carpets, this type of carpet pattern appeared in the Persian carpet pattern in the early 16th century, and became a popular pattern to this day. In this type of carpet, many patterns are passed from China.


Therefore, some people think that this kind of carpet originated in China, but in the hands of Persian designers, it has been carefully modified and added to the Persian color, thus becoming a Middle Eastern style.

However, in the Persian carpet pattern, there are still many patterns that are identical to the Chinese carpet pattern.

In short, whether it is a linear geometric pattern of a Persian carpet or a curved realistic pattern, the most common elements are: religious figure patterns, vases and flowers, text patterns, tree animal prints, hunting patterns, garden architecture patterns. If you press the position of the pattern in the carpet. It can be divided into three types, namely the central main pattern, the corner pattern and the filling decorative pattern. However, even in the same pattern, in different parts of Persia, the pattern appearance is different due to the difference in the knotting method and the fabric structure.