Silk Carpet

- Jun 10, 2018-

There is a record of silk carpets in the Tang Dynasty in China. 

The poet Bai Juyi wrote in the poem “Red Line Blanket” that “a blanket of one foot and two thousand silks” described the gorgeousness of the red silk blanket of the Shanggong court in Xuanzhou, Anhui Province. The existing gold and silver silk blankets produced in Xinjiang in the Ming Dynasty were influenced by ancient Persian silver silk carpets. Chinese silk blankets are mainly produced in Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places. 

At present, the largest existing silk carpet manufacturers are mainly distributed in the middle of Henan and Sichuan. The silk carpets in the south of the Jiangnan region mostly adopt the style of realistic large flowers or the traditional patterns of the northwest folk carpets.

Silk carpet refers to the silk rug, a woven silk carpet made of mulberry silk thread and tussah silk yarn.