​Silk Rug Washing and Maintenance

- Feb 21, 2021-

Silk Rug Washing and Maintenance

Persian carpets are very strict in terms of washing and maintenance, and their technical content and difficulty are higher than other carpets.

(1) Dry washing method

The Persian carpets must be strictly classified before washing, and then the washing method can be determined. Because of the high technical requirements of Persian carpets, mechanical dry cleaning and manual dry cleaning are generally adopted. The washing solvent chooses petroleum solvent and tetrachloroethylene. The mechanical dry cleaning of Persian carpets, especially the washing with tetrachloroethylene, is ideal for washing the stains on the carpet. Before washing, first check the types of stains on the carpet. If there are special stains, they should be treated with special treatments that are insoluble in dry-cleaning solvents. The carpet design is analyzed to identify whether the color has faded. Use a white cloth dipped in perchloroethylene to gently wipe to see if the color fades to prevent Channeling color. When dry cleaning, if the color is not firm, you can use the method of filtering and rinsing when washing, the time should be short, or the method of dry cleaning with petroleum. The special stains treated before dry cleaning are mainly water-soluble, tannic acid, protein stains and chewing gum. Do not use too much force to remove stains, so as not to cause loose twists in Stan’s yarns, the original three-dimensionality and gloss, do not rush to pack the dry-cleaned Persian carpets, it is best to let the residual smell and temperature on the carpets radiate for a while At the same time, use a soft brown brush to finish the carpet surface and ears, so as to keep the package from falling down.

(2) Wet washing method

Some Persian carpets are dirty, with some water-soluble stains such as vegetable juice, rice grain stains, animal urine stains, cola stains, fruit stains, etc. The individual area is relatively large, and the dry cleaning machine cannot accommodate it. This can also be washed with water. . Washing should be washed with neutral washing liquid, because washing silk carpets is more risky. First of all, it is necessary to maintain no cross-color, unchanged color, no downfall, and no loss of luster. Before washing, lay the silk carpet flat on the ground, or on the flat position of the washing board, and then soak it in cold water, and then use the scraper to wipe off the water on it in one direction. Use a neutral detergent at room temperature. Use a softer brush to clean. Use even force and fast speed. Rinse with cold water while brushing to prevent yarn twisting and color crossover. After cleaning, use a scraper to scrape the sewage in one direction and then use clean water. Rinse three times. Scrape it with a scraper and clean the silk carpet evenly with a 3% glacial acetic acid water-soluble solution to neutralize the acid and alkali. After the acid treatment, the color and luster of the Persian carpet will be more gorgeous.

(3) Post-processing

The best way to avoid coloring during the drying process is to cover the silk carpet with a white cloth the same size as the silk carpet, and circle it for drying. If the weak area is too large to be dried, you need to use a moisture absorber to absorb moisture from one direction. It can be blown dry or air dried. During the drying process, the carpet should be flattened with a soft brush in one direction. The silk carpet ears need final treatment to restore the light yellow color. You can dilute hypo sodium sulfite (sodium sulfite) with water at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, rinse gently with a soft brush, and then rinse with water. Do not apply the sodium sulfite solution to the carpet. In the printing area, to avoid discoloration, after the washed silk carpet is dried, you can use a soft brush to spread the silk carpet on the flat board and brush the silk carpet smoothly, so that careful operation can keep the silk carpet intact.