Silk Rug Workmanship Process

- Aug 01, 2018-

               Handmade carpet has generally weaving, chemical fiber carpets incomparable process and the value of the arts, is China's traditional export products, known as "soft gold", design is rich in content, stereo sense is strong, flowers, scenery like relief, has the high use value, the collection value and appreciation value, is popular among customers at home and abroad for many years.Hand-made carpets are hand-woven with wool or mulberry silk, which is made by more than ten traditional manual processes, such as knotted, leveling, sheet, washing, casting and repairing.Handmade carpet is the most attention to the processing of detail, peach blossom flood into a disc and can be used more than ten kinds of color, or even a few kinds of color to polish, in the red powder, powder is white and red Bai Zhongyou, sunny side can be lighter color, shady places can deep color, by another petals cover color can be deep, Lou in the outside color is lighter, it is woven carpet anyway unattainable, lies the value of the carpet.

                Hand-woven carpets are mainly made of pure wool and pure silk, and have been processed and produced in more than ten processes, such as pattern design, color matching, dyeing yarn, warp knitting, hand knotting, flat blanket, sheet blanket, washing blanket, investment cutting and dressing.Among them, "hand knotting" is to fix the warp yarns on the machine beam, and the hand-knotting and weaving of the wool yarn by hand is to fix the warp threads, which can combine dozens of colors in harmony.Manual carpet is not restricted by the quantity of colour and lustre, the density of manual weaving carpet is big, wool clumps is long, after finishing a process to fix up a processing to present the characteristic that gives colour is rich and stereo feeling very strong.Such a complicated process can take months to a year or two to make a blanket.The compact and delicate carpet can extend the life of the carpet for decades and centuries.