Tabriz style handmade silk carpet

- Nov 11, 2020-

Tabriz style handmade silk carpet

Tabriz style

Tabriz, a plateau city in northwestern Iran, is the second largest city in Iran. It is known as the "Hometown of Persian Carpets" and is the earliest and oldest carpet producer in Persia. Its output accounts for the largest proportion of the entire Persian carpet output. Tabriz rugs are centered on traditional patterns. Flowers and plants are an important design element of Tabriz rugs.

Specifically, there are large-size palm leaves, vases, leaves, small flowers and garden elements. At the same time, there are many unique designs of its own. For example, the black fish-shaped pattern of Tabriz is considered by many connoisseurs to be the most elegant design in Persian carpets. Tabriz carpet is one of the most beautiful and legendary Persian carpets.


The carpets produced in Tabriz account for the largest proportion of Iranian export carpets, so contemporary Tabriz carpets are not limited to traditional patterns, but have absorbed the infection of many countries, especially European artworks, and are famous for their wool carpet paintings. . Its characteristics are: mostly vegetation elements. 

Flowers are also an important element of Tabriz carpets. The patterns include leaves, flowers, trees, birds, and other Persian courtyard elements.