The Lifetime of Tussah Silkworm

- Jul 31, 2018-

Know more about Tussah Silkworm......

Tussah silkworm is a traditional industry of Nanzhao County Nanyang City Henan Province .As early as the han dynasty, nanzhao people began to "plant tussah for silkworm rearing and silk reeling".Sui and tang dynasties to the Ming and qing dynasties, "the needs of the people, tribute has become all the benefits of silk."For a long time, the south call people to the tussah silkworm has been difficult to give up their feelings, has become an important part of production and life, and has also made the development of the tussah silkworm industry have the inherent power of inheritance for thousands of years.

Tussah silkworm belongs to lepidoptera, which is a kind of completely abnormal insect. It feeds on oak leaves, oak leaves and other tussah slope plants.

The egg looks like a black sesame, about a millimeter in size.When spring comes, the temperature rises, southern call each silkworm farm sericulture to begin busy, because at this time, sericulture begins to develop gradually, after half a month, sericulture begins to become transparent, sericulture is ready to be born.

The baby silkworm, which has just hatched from the egg, is black and covered with fine hair, resembling an ant.

At this point, the silkworm farmers need to put them on oak trees in the tussah slope as soon as possible.A few days later, the hair on my body faded and my body grew golden.


Nanzhao, as a national famous one - chemical breeding base of tussah silkworm, has a good ecological environment and industrial mechanism.

In recent years, nanzhao has cultivated seven-color silkworm varieties, and these new varieties of silkworm babies will also become green, blue, orange and other colorful colors.These colorful baby silkworms can be seen in the tussah sericulture demonstration park in dongzhuang village, a suburb of the city.


A week later, the silkworm pupa became a moth and emerged from the cocoon.After the cocoon, the female moth and the male moth intersect. The male moth dies quickly. After the female moth lays her eggs, the female moth also slowly dies.

Their story, however, is not over.The silkworm eggs they leave are waiting for next year's development.The color of the tussah silk they left is bright, the fiber is fine, the toughness is big, the moisture absorption, the air permeability is good, and the tussah silkworm chrysalis can extract the material that resists 9 kinds of positive and negative bacteria, the effect of tussah sericin the prevention and treatment of human hepatitis b has been internationally recognized.With the improvement of people's living standard and the change of consumption consciousness, silk products like silk rug, silk carpets, silk blanket, silk tapestry known as "the fiber queen" and "the second skin of the human body" as well as the "soft gold" said cordyceps pupa products and silk moth liquor health care products have entered more and more families.Nanzhao has become the largest national tussah silk, tussah silk blanket, tussah silk processing and marketing base, in the province and even the whole country has always been a pivotal position.