Washing And Maintenance

- Jul 05, 2018-

Persian carpets require very strict washing and maintenance. 

The technical content and difficulty are higher than other carpets.

(1) Dry scrubbing

Prior to washing, Persian carpets must be strictly categorized before they can be used to determine which method to use for washing. Due to the high technical requirements of Persian carpets, mechanical dry-cleaning and manual dry-cleaning methods are generally used. The washing solvent is selected from petroleum solvents and tetrachloroethylene. The mechanical dry cleaning of Persian carpets, especially using tetrachloroethylene, is ideal for cleaning stains on carpets. Before washing, we must first check the type of stain on the carpet. If there are special stains, do not dissolve in the dry cleaning solvent. Do special treatment. Analyze the color of the carpet to determine whether the color fades. Use a white cloth to wipe with tetrachloroethylene to see if it fades. Twilight. When dry cleaning, if the color is not solid, the method of filtering and rinsing can be used for washing, the time is short, or the method of dry cleaning with petroleum is used. Special stains that are treated before dry cleaning are mainly water-soluble, tannic acids, protein stains, and chewing gum. To stain harder, not too much force, so as not to cause Stan's yarn twist loose, the original three-dimensional feeling and luster, dry cleaning Persian carpet do not rush to packaging, it is best to leave the carpet smell, temperature and then distribute a paragraph Time, at the same time, use soft brown brush to finish the carpet carpet surface and ear, so as to keep the package from falling cashmere.

(2) Wet washing method

Some Persian carpets are dirty, with some water-soluble stains such as vegetable juice, rice stains, animal urine stains, cola stains, and fruit stains. Individual areas are relatively large, and dry-cleaning machines can no longer accommodate them. This can also be washed by water washing. . Washing should be done with a washing solution of neutral shampoo, and the risk of washing the silk carpet is greater. First of all, it is necessary to maintain the color, the color, the cashmere, and the luster. Before washing, put the silk carpet flat on the ground, or wash the plate flat position, and then soaked with cold water, and then use a scraper in one direction to wipe the water above, with a normal temperature with a good neutral detergent. Use a softer bristled brush to clean, force evenly and quickly, rinse with cold water while brushing, to prevent the yarn from spreading and cross-coloring. After cleaning, scrape the water in the same direction with a scraper and then use clean water to clean it. Three times flush. The scraper was scraped and the 3% glacial acetic acid water-soluble solution was used to evenly clean the silk carpet, playing the role of acid-base neutralization. After the acid treatment, the Persian carpet color luster will be more beautiful.

(3) Post-processing

The best way to avoid coloration during spin-drying is to cover the silk carpet with a piece of white cloth of the same size as the silk carpet and spin dry. Weak area is too large to dry. It needs to use a moisture absorber to absorb moisture in one direction. It can be blown dry with a blower, or it can be dried. During the drying process, the carpet should be leveled with a soft brush in one direction. Silk carpet spikes need to be finalized to restore light yellow color. Diluted sodium hyposulfite (insurance powder) can be diluted with water at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Rinse gently with a soft-bristle brush and rinse with water. Do not touch the carpet powder with carpet powder. Printing place, in order to avoid discoloration, after washing the silken carpet to dry, the soft carpet brush can be used to lay the silk carpet on the flat plate to brush the silk carpet. This careful operation can keep the silk carpet as it is.