Why Handmade Silk Rugs Have Become The Choice of More and More People?

- Jun 20, 2018-

1. handmade silk carpet pattern, it must be carefully designed. Style, composition, color matching, modeling... all the details are full of designer inspiration and wisdom, and their understanding of art and the world. Like a director said: "In this movie, there are my food, books I've read, places I've visited, and people I love. You buy this movie ticket and you buy me. The essence of life in previous decades."

2. Handcraft is my favorite. As the saying goes, "Ten fingers and even hearts", handicrafts, have a breath of life that is far beyond machine products. As weavers weaving carpets, her emotions and patience settled between the latitude and longitude from the tip of her fingertips, as if there was a mysterious message. People say: "Authority is reiki." This can also be used on handmade carpets.

3. I like silk fabrics. It collects all the energy of silkworm babies. The unpredictable luster of silk at different angles also made me intoxicated.

4. I love the carpet. In ancient times, the carpet was called "lichen", and the tapestry was called "wall clothing." It sounded like an anthropomorphous person, and then the boring room was once again draped in a blanket. It immediately became a visual focus, highlighting the temperament of elegance. Home, it should be so warm.

5. The production method of the handmade silk carpet buckle makes it very firm and is not afraid of damage. I always like strong and beautiful items.

6. handmade blankets have collection value. Cherish use, can be passed on. Imagine the younger generation who stepped on the rugs inherited from the family's heritage and ridiculed the unique words and stories that belonged to his family. How beautiful the picture is!