Why Is Handmade Silk Carpet Known As Carpet Blanket?

- Jun 01, 2018-

           The handmade silk carpet known as the blanket on the carpet is a hand-knotted carpet, and the material is the silk spit from the silkworm as a raw material. Therefore, people in the industry called the "blanket blanket" and "soft gold".

1.The handmade silk carpet is called carpet blanket because he belongs to the Rolls Royce in the carpet and can't be afforded by the general population.

2.First of all, for everyone to share science, what I call hand-made silk carpet is not a common carpet in the market. Although there are also materials used for silk carpets, most of them are bamboo. The handmade silk carpet known as the blanket on the carpet is a hand-knotted carpet, and the material is the silk spit from the silkworm as a raw material. These two kinds of carpets can be tens or even hundreds of times different in terms of pure price.

3.Today we focus on hand-tied silk carpets.

4.Whether it is a carpet or other furniture such as mahogany, in order to reflect its value, it is important to select materials first, and it must be a superior product among the materials. Therefore, for hand-knotted carpets, there are two kinds of materials: sheep and silk, so only from the material, silk is more advanced than sheep.

5.Followed by the craft, because each carpet is hand-knotted, so the world does not have the same two pieces of handmade carpets, the quality of the process will be determined by the experience of weaving workers, a skilled weaver, weaving Out of the blanket, the back of the knot will be very smooth and smooth, the pattern is clear and complex, the natural coordination of the degree of oversight, the finished product blanket after the folding of the pattern will be proportional symmetry, almost only one millimeter error.

6.Again most likely to be overlooked by everyone is the carpet pattern, which is also an important factor in determining the value of the blanket. A good pattern will look very natural and coordinated at one glance.

7.The last point is the one-of-a-kind term for handmade silk carpets. The number of tracks is the number of warps or wefts (usually the same number of warp and weft) that a foot of rug has, and the more warps one foot of carpet has, the higher the number of tracks is, the higher the number of weaving workers is. The greater the time, the higher the carpet value. Therefore, for the value of hand-made silk carpets, it is not that the larger the price, the more expensive it is. The number of tracks is also an important parameter. The carpet known to be the world’s highest in the world is a 1000-meter handmade silk tapestry of 40 cm x 60 cm in size. Its thickness is like two A4 sheets. A skilled young female worker weaves it under a magnifying glass for 3 years. In her life, she can only weave this piece of silk carpet because it is too long and the density is too high. Cause greater damage.

8.Therefore, to be precise, each handmade silk carpet is invaluable and cannot be copied. The price of each silk carpet will not be exactly the same. Because of his uniqueness, on the contrary, the international antiques industry has also developed specialized antique carpet shops. Antique carpets will be used to produce antique carpets. The older handmade silk carpets are worth more, and the more expensive they are.

           Therefore, hand-made silk carpets have been called "blanket on carpet" and "soft gold" by people in the industry.