Yuxiang Handmade Iranian Carpet

- Nov 13, 2018-

Yuxiang Handmade Iranian Carpet

Ten feet of carpet, two thousand silk.The production of pure hand-made silk carpet is a delicate work, from drawing to flat washing, each process has a very high requirements for the craftsman.


Since the western han dynasty, the craftsman has kept exploring and pursuing the carpet weaving, and the craftsman still has this obsession.In nanzhao county, which is called "the hometown of Chinese tussah silkworm", there are such a group of people who are persistent, meticulous and pursue perfection.


Silk carpet material from the natural growth of the tussah, they freely forage, spin silk cocoon.The wind in the mountains and the green leaves in the forest keep them away from artificial pollution. When cocoons are formed, professionals will timely collect the cocoons for selection and leave the best cocoons for material preparation.


Hand-knotting is a very ancient way of weaving. For the image depicted in the pattern design, the craftsman relies on different ways of knotting and presents the designer's carefully designed patterns vividly on the carpet.


Let the traditional craft be able to pass on better, let more people enjoy pure hand made real silk carpet, use the inheritance of traditional craft and the innovation of modern craft photograph is united in wedlock, let hand made real silk carpet burst out bigger charm is our desire, also be our feelings place.


Yuxiang carpet is committed to the production and sale of hand-made silk carpets, with the responsibility of inheriting the millennium culture and spreading Persian civilization, and the goal of making Chinese weaving to the world.The company is located in nanzhao county, nanyang city, henan province.We sincerely welcome guests and friends from all over the world to visit our company for discussion.