Yuxiang Washing Carpet Process

- Oct 09, 2018-

The household environment of contemporary society every family is to have tide trend quite, the choice of furniture is the be fond of reflecting host, individual character and savour, these do not affect our to live in environmental protection, believe to have carpet in a lot of families.Carpet brought beautiful and convenient to thousands of households, because carpet has a lot of advantages, such as elasticity good, sound absorption and so on, but the drawback of carpet is that some trouble is taken care of.Carpet is almost every home decoration decoration must use, time will be cleaned.

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1. Common carpet cleaning method (this method is applicable to hotels, guesthouses and other places)

Hotel carpet cleaning process commonly used two methods: dry cleaning and wet cleaning.Dry cleaning method is applicable to pure wool carpet.Wet cleaning method applicable to chemical fiber carpet.(click to learn: types of carpets)

A. There are two ways to dry clean carpets:

1. Foam dry cleaning: it is a common foam cleaning of carpet surface. The foam dry cleaning machine adopts the rotary brush and implantable wet vacuum suction head to spray a large amount of detergent on the carpet plush head.

B. wet cleaning

When the oil pollution of carpet and other stickiness material apparent accumulation, dirt dirt collects already affected carpet colour and lustre and carpet pile rebound elastic energy, and dry clean method cannot eliminate again when, should undertake carpet wet is washed, namely thorough clean.

There are two ways to wet a carpet:

1. Spray and suction cleaning method: this method is to spray hot water and detergent on the carpet under pressure. Under the effect of water and detergent, use carpet washing equipment with rotating or oscillating brush to separate dirt from fiber and then suck it away.

2. Steam cleaning method: this is a method to remove internal dirt and carpet surface dirt embedded in carpet pile with excellent effect.Also known as extraction cleaning method.Use special steam dry clean carpet machine to release a kind of water and the steam solvent that clear fluid mixes composition to spray on carpet, after mechanical swing brush is agitated, make dirt gets rid of carpet fiber to be suspended in this solvent and through implantable vacuum aspirate is cleared

Carpet cleaning utensils and procedures

1. Wet cleaning tools: carpet cleaner, carpet absorber, three-speed carpet dryer and other cleaning equipment, as well as special agents such as high-foam carpet cleaner, low-foam carpet cleaner and carpet stain remover.

General procedures: A, overall cleaning B, partial decontamination C, comprehensive cleaning D, rinsing, disinfection E, water absorption, drying

2. Dry cleaning tools: professional tools and agents such as carpet dry cleaning machine, vacuum water absorber, comber, etc

General procedure;A. Dry cleaning powder B, local stain treatment C, dry cleaning machine D, vacuum water absorber E, carding machine finishing carpet hair

2. How to clean the carpet by yourself

A question that many home users often ask.Do not want to occupy the home to wash carpet company to undertake cleaning, how does oneself clean carpet?There are two simple methods (1) take 600g of flour, 100g of refined salt and 100g of talcum powder mixed with water, add 30ml of white wine and heat the mixture to make a paste. After cooling, cut the paste into small pieces and sprinkle on the carpet.(2) sweep the dish cloth over the dish with soapy water.Salt can adsorb dust to make carpet has burnish, dirt is very much carpet, apply soggy broom first sweep 1-2 times hind sprinkle salt again.Broom in the sweep of time should be put in water from time to time immersion wash.

Common carpet stain cleaning method

After catching besmirch on carpet, want to be cleared in time, but decontamination must want to have correct way method, the method that a few kinds clear carpet common stains is introduced below:

Edible oil stains: remove with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. Use alcohol to clean the residue.

Soy sauce stains: new stains can be removed by washing them in cold water and then with detergent.Old stains can be added with warm water scrubbing agent and ammonia, and then rinse with clean water.

Shoe oil stain: wipe with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, and rinse with soap.

Urine stains: new stains can be removed with warm water or 10% ammonia solution.Chen is soiled first with scour, wash with ammonia water again, pure wool carpet wants to use lemon pickling.

Juice stain: first use 5% ammonia solution to clean, and then use the detergent again.But ammonia water is opposite to pure wool carpet fibrous dimension has damage effect, reason should reduce as far as possible use, usable citric acid or soap is cleaned commonly, also can use alcohol.

Ice cream stains: wipe with gasoline.

Wine stain: fresh stain can be cleaned with water.Fresh stains should be cleaned with water.To remove the stain, use aqueous solution of ammonia and borax.If it is wool, silk carpet, usable oxalic acid cleans.

Coffee and tea stains: washed with ammonia.Silk, wool carpet, dip with oxalic acid cleaner after 10-20 minutes, or with 10% glycerin solution clean.

Vomit stains: one way is to wipe it off with gasoline, then 5% ammonia, and rinse it off with warm water.Another method is to moisten the vomit solution with 10% ammonia, wipe it with an alcohol-based soap solution and rinse it with detergent.

Clear above besmirch still needs to have correct wipe method, just do not cause damage to carpet and make when besmirch range one step is expanded.Therefore, the following points should be noted when wiping the carpet:

1. Start from the edge of the stain and gradually shrink to the center to prevent the stain from spreading outward.

2. Carpets of silk and wool should not be cleaned with ammonia or alkali.

3. Oxalic acid is toxic. When used, it should be diluted with warm water.

4. Do not use too much force when wiping, otherwise the fiber tissue and surface will be damaged.

Potassium permanganate is strong oxidizer, can destroy carpet color, should use with caution.

6. Turpentine, gasoline, etc. are flammable products, and use the approach fire.

Alcohol cannot be used on glass fibers.

Daily cleaning methods

1. Brush and suction daily.The rolling brush not only combs the carpet, but also can brush the dust and adhesion of grime.So cleaning is better than simply vacuuming.

Remove stains in time.New stains are easy to remove and must be removed in time.If wait for besmirch dry or infiltrate deep ministry of carpet, can produce long-term damage to carpet.

Do interim cleaning on a regular basis.The carpet that pedestrian is frequent, need to be equipped with bubble machine, with dry bubble clean method undertakes metaphase clean regularly, in order to remove stickiness dirt.

Deep cleaning.Once the dust is deposited deep in the carpet fiber, you have to send it to the cleaning shop for cleaning.