Chinese Carpets Are More Sought After

- Aug 22, 2018-

Chinese Carpets are More Sought After

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Because of its high quality dyeing and unique craft, Chinese carpet has witnessed its collection and use value.Among some high-income consumers, there is no shortage of high-end decorations with Chinese antique carpets as modern homes.Many famous museums and academic institutions in the world have a large collection of Chinese carpets and have conducted special research.In the domestic and foreign auction, Chinese carpet is also frequent appearance, has been pursued by many fans.Some rare carpets are still rising in value due to the demise of the materials and techniques used to make them and the limited quantity they exist.

In 1996, at the China guardian auction, ningxia hand-woven butterfly carpet in late qing dynasty, eight auspicious pattern carpet in the early republic of China, ningxia hand-woven flower pattern carpet in late qing dynasty and qinghai hand-woven Tibetan carpet in early republic of China were sold for 110,000 yuan, 30,800 yuan, 19,800 yuan and 16,500 yuan respectively.In 1997, 6 pieces of 18th-century ningxia carpet were sold in Beijing hanhai auction, and the transaction price of the other 5 pieces of longzhizhu carpet was between 121,000 and 165,000 yuan, except for one piece of tuanhua carpet, which was 99,000 yuan.

And as carpet collects upsurge ceaselessly upsurge, the price of carpet auction is wave after wave taller than wave.

In 2003, a silk carpet with dragon pattern for emperor qianlong was sold at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong for 77.062 million yuan.In 2003 in Beijing hanhai auction, a qing emperor qianlong ruyi rui velvet carpet with 750,000 yuan price.In 2006, in the Oriental natural resources auction, a rare mid-qing silk carpet with a deal price of 2.2 million yuan outstanding.At the end of 2006 in China's guardian auction, a late qing ningxia zhihua butterfly grain carpet was sold for 230,000 yuan, and several other carpets produced in the same year were sold for more than 50,000 yuan.In 2007, the total number of "Persian carpets" auctioned at chongyuan international spring auction was 102 pieces, with a total transaction price of 1290.4 million yuan.

On international auction market, the day price clinch a deal of carpet is more common occurrence not rare, especially the handweave carpet of high-grade limited edition, became to hold concurrently to collect the first choice with investment value, a lot of collector regard limited edition carpet as antique to collect.Statistics show that antique Persian rugs can fetch up to a million dollars, and handmade Afghan rugs can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.Even contemporary hand-made carpets, if the pattern is exquisite, exquisite craftsmanship, can sell for $30,000 or $40,000.

As the middle class grows and expands, Chinese carpets are becoming their top choice for upgrading.At present, in the market around 10,000 low - and low-grade carpets and more than 100,000 yuan of carpet sales.