Handmade Carpet

- Jun 08, 2018-

As early as a thousand years ago, hand-made carpets were introduced into Linxia from the far west through the Silk Road. Hand-made carpets, far-reaching flowers, elegant flowers, close to the high Athens, colorful, with its fine workmanship, solid texture, beautiful and generous by the people of all ethnic groups. In particular, the art tapestry expresses the beauty of life in its unique form, with more artistic taste and cultural connotation.

Linxia hand-made carpets are made of high-quality native wool, dyed by special plants, hand-crafted, and then washed with chemicals. After cutting, the shape resembles an embossed piece. After the final process, the appearance is antique and elegant. From the point of view of the production process, weaving a piece of finished carpet requires more than ten processes such as spinning, dyeing, winding, drawing, weaving, weaving, carpet cleaning, and flat carpeting. The general warp yarn is cotton yarn and the weft yarn is wool yarn. In terms of species, Linxia handmade carpets mainly include antique carpets, imitation Persian blankets, imitation Egyptian blankets, imitation Turkish blankets, and Tibetan blankets. At present, hand-carved antique rugs produced by a number of carpet factories, such as Xingqiang, Xueling and Pegasin in Linxia City, have formed scales. The raw materials are pure, the craftsmanship is excellent, and the varieties are complete, the grades are high, and the price is suitable. And merchants favor, the products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Middle East countries and regions, at home and abroad have a relatively stable market.