How To Identify The Pros And Cons Carpet

- Jun 22, 2018-

Nowadays, carpeting in the living room and carpeting in the bedroom have become a kind of home fashion. The carpet's soft texture, ash absorption, oil absorption, and water absorption make it a practical accessory in home life. How to identify the pros and cons of carpet?

According to industry insiders, the choice of carpets depends on their thickness. It looks like a thin, hard rug can be ignored. Such a rug has a look that does not attract ash, oil, and water, and the foot feels very uncomfortable. To buy a rug, you must buy a thick one. Take the mat on the entrance and say that it should be at least 1cm. Individual brands can reach 2cm.

After reading the thickness, you can touch it to see if it feels soft and whether it has depth to identify its quality. The best carpet is pure cotton, and it doesn't feel slippery. In addition, pull down the carpet's fluff a little harder to see if the fiber can be tested for quality. If the floor mats are not good, there may be big roots falling off and small filaments falling off. However, the basic technology of "locking fiber" technology can not play a role in purifying indoor air.