Indian Handmade Silk Carpets

- Jun 10, 2019-

India is one of the four ancient civilizations with a long history. India and Pakistan were unified in the British rule. Pakistani carpets are world famous. In fact, Indian handmade silk carpets are also very popular in the market.

India is a religious country and has a caste system that has lasted for thousands of years. The Indian handicraft industry is also very developed. Compared with other parts of the world, handmade silk carpets add a unique Indian style, especially Indian culture and religion.

The biggest feature of Indian handmade silk carpets is the wide range of patterns, such as Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen and Chinese design. Bach-Mirzap is the production center of Indian handmade carpets. About 80% of India's total national production. This is followed by the Chamo Kashmir region and the Rajasthan region. Among them, Kashmir carpets are renowned for their fine texture and complex patterns. The production method of Indian carpets is mainly manual production by the family. Since there are few large factories and only about 50% of the whole production, the processes such as spinning, dyeing, drawing, refurbishing and packaging are generally carried out by specialized factories. The factory undertakes processing.

India's Jaipur is famous for selling Indian handmade carpets. Now, as long as there is a tour group in India, Jaipur's carpet observation is an indispensable part.

Although the manufacture of Chinese handmade silk carpets has gradually become the world stage leader in recent years, Indian handmade carpets still occupy an important position in the world of handmade private blankets with their unique ethnic style.