Introduction Of Silk Carpet

- Jul 27, 2018-

Introduction of Silk Carpet

Silk carpet refers to silk rug, with mulberry silk thread, tussah silk thread tufted and woven into the hand-tufted carpet.

Silk carpets have been recorded in the tang dynasty.The poet bai juyi wrote in his poem "the red thread carpet" that "a thousand and two thousand silk carpets" described the beauty of the red thread silk carpet of the gong imperial court in xuanzhou, anhui province at that time.The pan gold and silver silk carpet produced in xinjiang in the Ming dynasty is influenced by the ancient Persian gold and silver silk rug in the pattern.China's silk carpets are mainly produced in hebei, jiangsu, sichuan and zhejiang provinces, while the largest silk carpets manufacturers currently are mainly located in langzhong, henan and sichuan provinces.Jiangnan area silk carpet USES the style realistic large flower pattern, or USES the northwest folk carpet traditional pattern.