Luxury China Traditional Qingming Shanghe Map Best Quality Handmade Tapestry

- May 07, 2019-

Luxury China Traditional Qingming Shanghe Map Best Quality



size: 2.5*30 ft=76*915 cm

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The Qingming Shanghe Map is not just a simple depiction of the customs and daily life of the people. It hides the mystery under the surface of commercial prosperity. Under the bright line, there is a heart-warming dark line. At the same time, it is a "Sheng Shiwei" with a sense of urgency. Figure". Through the performance of the city of Jingmao as a foreshadowing, paving the visual center of the whole volume contradiction, the danger of the ship and the bridge and the climax of the conflict between the officials of the bridge and the military, as well as the slack of military power, the lack of fire, the city defense Scenes such as the opening of the country gate, the invasion of the trade by the trade, the smashing of food by the merchants, and the disaster of the wine. Zhang Zeduan raised his worries about many social issues such as urban defense, security, and transportation. 

Lazy soldiers on the Qingming Shanghe Map

As can be seen from the literature, Bianjing is one of the largest cities in the world in the early 12th century, with a population of 1.37 million, 8 cars and 120 squares. Most buildings are brick and wood structures. The Northern Song Dynasty experienced more than 40 major fires, so the fire was the most serious problem at the time. At that time, the fire prevention measures of Bianjing were very strict. Each square had a fire building, which was specially used to observe the fire. Downstairs there is an army stationed as a "latent fire soldier", specializing in firefighting. Yu Hui said that Zhang Zeduan painted Wang Huolou, but no one was watching it upstairs. What is even more exaggerated is that the two rows of barracks downstairs were turned into restaurants. 

More terrible than the lack of fire is the collapse of the city defense. In the painting, there is no guard under the wall, there is no city defense work on the soil wall, and there is no city for archery, even the city defense is not. Originally it should be the location of the city defense agency with heavy guards. It is actually a shop, the boss is inspecting the goods, and the account room is keeping accounts. From the picture, the whole of Beijing is immersed in a strong business atmosphere, completely a city without defense. This is not the intentional design of Zhang Zexuan, but it truly reflects the military strength and the increasingly indifferent precautionary consciousness that has been declining in the early days of the Song Dynasty.

There are many ships in the picture, and a large number of them are private ships carrying food. On the surface, this is a scene of commerce and trade. In fact, it reflects an important mistake of the government at that time: Song Huizong used a large number of official ships to transport flowers and stone, which caused problems in food transportation. Private ships took the opportunity to enter, and gradually held the city's grain market, and then manipulated food prices.

The dispute over the tax on the Qingming Shanghe Map

The dispute over the tax on the Qingming Shanghe Map

At the gate of the city, the tax official pointed out that the hemp bag had a desired number, causing dissatisfaction among the cargo owners. A driver was anxious to open his mouth and screamed loudly, alarming the downturn on the tower. . The tax-stricken system in the Northern Song Dynasty inspired the opposition between the government and the people. This scene symbolizes the tense relationship between the government and the people.

In the two paintings, there was a tragedy of the essays. The driver used the large-screen screen written by the deposed old party as a crepe, wrapped up other books and texts of the old party, and pushed them to the suburbs for destruction. It reflects the cruelty of the political struggle at that time and the degree of damage to culture and art. 

At the end of the film, the artist paints a thrilling scene: two four-browed carts are rushing and rushing, and the passers-by have not had time to dodge; there is also a temporary intrusion into the street, that is, there are rich people occupying the road at the gate of the city to hold the road to kill the Huangyang sacrifice. The scene of God's sending guests shows the chaos of urban management and the arbitrariness.

Zhang Zeduan wants to show some social ills to Song Huizong through the Qingming Shanghe Map. Because Song Taizong adopted political measures to encourage literati rumors, paying attention to social reality and imperial politics became the more common creative trend of Song Dynasty painters. The Northern Song Dynasty bureaucrats used painting to express the feelings of the people to the emperor. For example, in the 7th year of Xining (AD 1074), the year of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Gwangju judicial army, Zheng Xia, borrowed the craftsman’s "flowing people map" to request Song Shenzong to stop Wang Anshi. Reform activities. Regrettably, Song Huizong was obsessed with Jingrui Xiangrui and Jizhao. He saw the intention in the painting of Qingming Shanghe Tu, and he did not want to collect it. He only rewarded it after the first title.

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Zhang Zuo Duan of the Northern Song Dynasty Qingming Shanghe Map (Hongqiao Part)

Zhang Zuo Duan of the Northern Song Dynasty Qingming Shanghe Map (Hongqiao Part)

From the "Qingming Riverside Map", you can see a few very distinctive artistic features: this painting is written with a pen and a workmanship. The color is elegant and the different general paintings are called "Do not become a family." The composition uses a bird's-eye panoramic method, which truly and centrally depicts the typical area of the southeast corner of Beijing. The author uses the traditional hand roll form to organize the picture by "scattering perspective". The picture is long and not redundant, complicated and not chaotic, tight and compact, such as in one go. The scenery in the paintings, as far as the quiet wilderness, the vast rivers, the towering city Guo; the small figures in the boat, the furnishings on the vendors, the words on the city, are not lost. In the picture, there are various plots interspersed, and the organization is patchy and interesting.

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