Nanyang Silk Carpet Is Famous For New Silk Road

- Sep 17, 2018-

Nanyang silk carpet is famous for "new silk road"

Mirror network nanyang news (reporter zhou yongsheng communications officer liao tao) recently, a Russian businessman from nanyang yuxiang handicraft company to buy more than 10,000 square feet, more than 3 million yuan worth of hand-woven carpets, shipped back to the Russian market sales.Since this year, nanyang yu xiang the company across the carpet production are sold to Russia, belarus, Ukraine, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, Afghanistan, India, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc countries along the "area", which are sold to Russia, tapestries, tapestry carpets accounted for 10% of the total amount of the enterprise sales.

Nanyang yuxiang handicraft co., LTD. Is an enterprise engaged in r&d, design, production, processing and sales of hand-made silk carpets.Yuxiang company USES the tussah silk resources of nanzhao county to design and produce exquisite high-road tapestry and Persian carpet, and sets up four carpet branches in nanzhao county, xichuan county and xinxiang city, with an annual production value of 200,000 square feet, annual output value of 150 million yuan and sales revenue of 80 million yuan.

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In nanzhao county yu xiang crafts company showroom, all kinds of carpet, tapestry, tapestries, full of beautiful things in eyes, elegant unsurpassed, design a scenery like the western oil painting, the pastoral scenery, the mountain spring figure, "the late autumn maple's woods," in the narrative pattern has a dream of red mansions jinling twelve vents, "princess wencheng married", "tang dance", "last supper", and "loose ShouYanNian", for more than year after year, the birds pay homage to the king and other kinds of landscape painting of flowers and design...It can be divided into 8 categories, such as Oriental carpet, Persian carpet, craft tapestry, landscape painting, flower and bird landscape, and human stories.Yuxiang company "zhinu girls" use high quality tussah silk hand-knitted tapestry of various tapestry, tapestry, carpet, fine craftsmanship, exquisite design, it is indoor high-grade adornment and art rare collection, have extremely high appreciation value, treasure value and practical value.


Nanyang yu xiang crafts co., LTD., chairman of Sun Junke said: "although derives from the Persian carpet weaving process, our earliest woven carpet pattern is mainly for the Persian style, through improved and innovative technologists, now woven carpet, tapestry design has more than 1000, including more than 20 design obtained national invention patent product appearance.Our carpet production into the connotation of Chinese culture, adhere to the Chinese elements, match well of Chinese and western style in the south called carpet carpet technology in the world, best-selling South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Australia, Canada, the United States, Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, France, Britain, Sweden, Norway and other more than 30 countries and regions, can say, "the south called weaving" is famous in the world, all the way through the silk road economic belt sales to 'area' along the main countries, future south called carpet is going to shop around."


"Southern silk carpet has become our county's export earnings of the home products.In the past two years, the sales volume of nanzhao carpet has been gradually increasing in Russia and other cis countries."China and Russia are comprehensive strategic cooperative partners," zhao yunsheng, general manager of shenming industrial co., said September 13, pointing to a variety of colorful carpets in the exhibition hall of the company.Since this year, china-russia relations have shown more positive momentum of development and have entered a new era of higher level and faster development.We will make good use of the opportunity of the year of china-russia local cooperation and exchange to carry out more extensive cooperation, expand economic and trade cooperation with Russia and expand sales space in the Russian market.

Nanzhao county is the hometown of Chinese tussah silkworm, with an annual output of 70 thousand handfuls of tussah cocoon.In the 1990s, the county developed the hand-woven carpet export to earn foreign exchange with tussah silk as raw material, aimed at the international market demand, vigorously developed a series of products of Persian style, silk carpet texture soft, gorgeous color, because of good quality, high grade recognized on the international market.At present, south silk carpet has occupied 80% of the production of hand-woven silk carpet in Atlanta, Germany, Hamburg, dubai, united Arab emirates, and has become the highest quality standard of international silk carpet.


Zhao yunsheng said, "good word of mouth is stitched out of a thread, not a bit careless.Nanzhao carpet features 220 --1000 lines of high-density hand-knitted series. Although semi-mechanized production has been achieved in recent years with the progress of science and technology, the manual production is still maintained in the knotting and knitting links to ensure the quality of excellence.Recently, an Iranian businessman who is engaged in carpet marketing, mustafa, was very interested when he bought the silk carpet from henan shengming industrial company.After two study visits, he ordered 20 semi-mechanized looms at one time from henan shengming industrial co., LTD., and recently planned to ship them back to China for production.

Southern zhao hand-made silk carpet, high road number, refined, months or years of weaving complete silk carpet is respected by the world, known as "soft gold."Today, the south called carpet become the popular product of the international market, and has become a connection between China and Russia, "area" all the way along the state economic and trade exchanges beautiful card, according to statistics, in 2017, the county yu xiang company, ChengMing industrial co., xu xiang, card and a half, and other large carpet processing enterprises, the annual output of silk, silk, spun silk and other kinds of carpet is 50 square feet, exports more than $5 million, products are exported to Europe, the americas, Asia, into the origin of the Persian carpet countries such as Iran and Turkey.

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