New Arrival

- Sep 09, 2020-

A few new designs of silk carpet 100% handmade have been finished! 

The first:

new carpets (1)

SKU: DC-021   Size: 2x3ft(61x91cm)    Design: flowers     Inventory: 5 pieces

This carpet is made up of all kinds of flowers, leaves, it means the life of nature, it bring us vitality and hope.

The second:

new carpets (1)

SKU: Y-229   Size: 2x3ft(61x91cm)    Design: flowers, vase, paisley    Inventory: 10 pieces

Paisley patterns are mainly decorated by a combination of plant patterns. Inside the drop-shaped shape, most of the filling themes are various or realistic or abstract plant patterns. The plant patterns that fill the inside of the paisley pattern are often used as the theme of evergreen. They symbolize image of the endless tree of life.

The third:

new carpets (2)

SKU: Y-230   Size: 2x3ft(61x91cm)    Design: flowers, medallion pattern    Inventory: 5 pieces

The medallion graphic is usually located in the center of the carpet, protected by the border. It represents the supernatural God Realm. The Medallion design is frequently used in carpets in Persia, Anatolia and Caucasus. There are many shapes, geometric, curved, circular, arched, and polygonal, sometimes there are four corner patterns, four secondary elements can play a role in protecting the center of the carpet, symbolizing the "Sun Gate" close to heaven.

new carpets (3)

 SKU: Y-231   Size: 2x3ft(61x91cm)    Design: flowers, prayer    Inventory: 8 pieces 

A prayer rug is used by Muslims. they place the rug between the ground and himself for cleanliness during the prayer, then lay flat on the carpet and pray.

Niches are also often found in prayer carpets, which are facing Mecca to guide the faithful. The niches represent the "Arch of Heaven", dark heaven can be reached in daily prayer. At the same time, the niche is also a place that can protect believers, a place that can connect believers with gods.

The interior of niche is usually decorated with a "tree of life", or a vase, or a water basin used for baptism, the moral is eternal life. Sometimes the end of the vault hangs Aladdin's Lamp.